New Characters Twintelle, Byte & Barq, and Kid Cobra Revealed for Arms

Nintendo has announced new playable characters for Arms.

The characters Twintelle, Byte & Barq, and Kid Cobra were all confirmed for the coming arena-battling game (We’re awaiting an official trailer, for now enjoy leaked gameplay above).

Alongside the new characters was the confirmation that new levels, characters, and new arms modules will be released post-launch as free downloadable content.

Here’s a breakdown of each character, via Nintendo:

The charismatic Snakeboarder, Kid Cobra, is swapping out his selfie stick to join #ARMS! His goal? Increasing viewership of his livestreams.

The A-list movie star, Twintelle, is joining #ARMS with her signature curls that are long enough to be weaponized!

Introducing, Byte & Barq, the 2-in-1 tag team in #ARMS! Security robot Byte and his robotic canine partner Barq fight together as a pair!

Arms is launching for the Nintendo Switch on June 16th.

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  • Snorlaxation

    I don’t even know if I care about this game, but I’m loving the designs.

  • Mr0303

    Twintelle should be disqualified for not using her arms.

  • Brienne Rose


  • goodbyejojo

    she got that booty tho

  • Kid Cobra bio is so cringy.

  • Magus KilIer

    Is anyone else disturbed that Twintelle is the only person in the game with functioning hands?
    Like, what do these other people do in their daily lives, when all they’ve got are awkward Spring arms meant for fighting?

  • Loli de 42 Empregos

    Well technically, Mechanica also has limbs since her ARMS is a robot suit she’s piloting

  • Nintendo: Headpatting is bad, “up yours” gesture is bad
    Also Nintendo:

    Sometimes I really don’t understand them.

  • ProxyDoug
  • sdrawkcab gnitirw

    While censoring those things somehow kinda makes sense to them from a FAMILY FRIENDLY COMPANY perspective, censoring Zelda and Twintelle would mean judging women’s bodies as lewd by themselves, and because women have curves and yadda yadda, it would end up with absolutely everyone flinging shit at them

  • sdrawkcab gnitirw
  • sdrawkcab gnitirw

    Also the other dude is a robot, a DNA strand thing, and they even let a fucking mummy compete.
    The ARMS sport association is more corrupt than FIFA, I mean the robot gets a fucking dog, how is that fair :p