Pretty Maids All in a Row Within This New Akiba’s Beat Trailer

XSEED Games has shared a new trailer for Akiba’s Beat.

Featured above, the new trailer introducing the maids from the game. Here’s a brief synopsis of the maids, via XSEED:

When every day is Sunday and the streets of Akihabara lead to “Delusionscapes” filled with monsters, maids can be your greatest guides. Once you’ve convinced them to join you, they’ll alert you to whatever’s nearby – treasure, enemies, Delusionscapes, the works! If you’re lucky, they might even help you out a little in battle.

The English Voice Cast

  • Moé Suzumori – played by Alexis Tipton
  • Yoshino Saionji – played by Lauren Landa
  • Kanata Saotome – played by Karen Strassman
  • …and more?

Akiba’s Beat is launching for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

Brandon Orselli


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  • におに

    Gross. Dubs.

  • James Hewitson

    Geez XSEED are really pushing their English dub for this game into everyone’s faces aren’t they? For a game that’s set in Akibahara It doesn’t really make any sense to not have it in Japanese but whatever to each their own.;P

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Please tell me there’s Japanese audio.

  • James Hewitson

    yes it’s dual audio.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Oh good.

  • catazxy

    I think they did it because thats how they capture a “bigger audience”, or that is what marketing people always say to publishers….

  • James Hewitson

    Yeah your probably right (^-^)

  • Zero Eternity

    Who really wants the pocket plushie. Even a small art booklet of only 10 pages would be better.