New 2DS XL Announced, Launch Set for July 2017

Nintendo has announced the 2DS XL, a new handheld.

The new non-3D piece of kit will launch on July 13th in Japan and July 28th in North America – we’re waiting on a European release date. The handheld will cost $149.99. Featured above, you can view a new announcement trailer for the handheld.

The console will launch alongside both Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia in the west.

You’ll be able to get the system in black / turquoise color in North America and Japan, with a white / orange color in Japan. The console uses the same XL screen as the Nintendo 3DS XL, however it has the same upgraded hardware and built-in NFC support for Amiibo cards and figures.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Ben Kuyt

    As someone with an original 2DS, I figured this would have happened eventually. I just kind of wish they didn’t use the clamshell design, because the shoulder buttons on the 2DS are amazing because of the wedge shape. So thick, your fingers don’t hurt when you use them.

  • evoke

    >folding 2ds

    >$150 price tag
    y– nooo

  • Valwin Mediaz

    They can barely make switches WTF IS THIS

  • Asuka

    Everybody wants a Classic NES and a Switch. Nintendo gives us this. Sure.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    why does the 3ds even exist at this point. I don’t understand their strategy at all.

  • evoke

    just think of all the confused parents and grandparents who attempt to buy one of these for their kids.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    “Faster processing power”

    So I guess this is essentially their next handheld?

  • OldPalpy

    Probably means the same faster chip from the New 3DS.

  • Mr0303

    The system that started the terrible trend of mid generational upgrades is putting out yet another version.

  • Matz

    It’s like asking why the PS3 is still around with some games being released

  • Matz

    Might get this new model, my Vanilla 3DS it’s in its final days

  • Loli de 42 Anos

    I don


    I know right? This should have come first before 3DS lol


    Dude, this should have come before 3DS lol

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • Uncle Ocelot

    It was only a matter of time.

  • RichardGristle

    lol isn’t this like the 7th iteration of 2DS/3DS?

  • braneman


  • Uncle Ocelot

    It’s $50 less than a New 3DS XL though, with the lack of 3D being the only difference, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be like $120. I would like the entire 3DS library to get a price drop now that the hardware is getting on in age but that’s not likely with it still selling well enough.

  • James Hewitson

    7 years later and still that horrible 240p screen, WTF Nintendo?

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I think he was referring more to the models with 3D support, which is underutilised and more expensive, not the 3DS in general.

  • Casszune
  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    I’m sure this is what everyone was crying out for…”Nes classics, sod that noise we’ve got a new 2Ds to sell!”

  • Taiga Gao

    It makes extremely fucking sense for it to be 100$ max seeing how the specs behind it are more than a decade old at this point (freaking PSP, which came out in 2005 had better specs for Christ’s sake).

    This is why a monopoly is bad for consumers.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Yes, I’m agreeing with you but Nintendo has no excuse to charge less now that their only real competition is themselves with the Switch.

  • catazxy

    I just think that nintendo’s higher ups are blind old farts

  • catazxy

    At least it doesn’t looks like total shit, the design is clearly inspired by phones

  • Bettykpeterson

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  • Sandrapyates

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  • le master trole

    it just werks

  • Ramza Beoulve

    wow they managed to make the 2ds even worse! the only good thing about the 2ds was that it didnt fold like a clam.

  • Ramza Beoulve

    the fact the 2d didnt fold was actually a good thing. hinges get bad over time. with no folding hinges that wont ever be a problem.

  • Fenrir007

    Hey gurl, flash yo card for me.

  • Jonbo298

    & Knuckles
    & Knuckles
    & Knuckles
    & Knuckles

  • ProxyDoug

    I honestly can’t take the original seriously.

  • Jonbo298

    Sony tried but they couldn’t get over their own monopolistic mindset with proprietary memory cards.

  • Donwel

    Why does the top part look like an iphone, minus the button.
    I’m onto you, nintendo.

  • Personaknight

    I miss when portable gaming didn’t try to imitate consoles with graphics, peripherals, apps, internet, cameras, motion control, media players, and so on. I just thought they were supposed to be cheap gaming device you bought to get a gaming experience of playing games portably. Then again we are far from Gameboy era…

  • Personaknight

    Reminded me the Gameboy in that sense. Just made the question “Why do I have two screens?” more glaring. Oh right double the price.

  • Personaknight

    This is what happens when portable gaming becomes over inflated. As for comfortable shoulder buttons I don’t see how that can happen when you have to have two sets of shoulder buttons.

  • Personaknight

    Kids don’t know what your talking about and that’s all that matters. Atleast the ones young enough to not understand what your talking about.

  • Christmas__Lights


  • larverto365

    I can see myself getting one of these, especially as someone who has the original 2DS.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    Because people freaked out over 3D being bad for your eyes, primarily with young kids, and they wanted something that could be peopled’ first handheld much like the Gameboy. Remember people buying the original for $80 with Tetris packed in, how big of a phenomenon it was?

    The 2DS was always just the budget model, but now that the Switch is out they’ll probably phase out the original. Its too expensive compared to the new system to be a budget/end of life buy.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Yeah, you would think they would just port these games to switch at this point. Half price for a brand new console isn’t as valuable as a full blown console that plays more.

  • Lime2K

    Will this one at least come with a fucking charger? And Nintendo needs to NOT PUT THE WORD ‘NEW’ IN THEIR PRODUCT TITLES ANYMORE FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Seriously.

  • OSad

    This isn’t like, a terrible idea, I keep the 3D off for most of my play sessions on the 3DS. Usually you can’t really use that shit properly on public transportation anyway, and it destroys your battery life and your vision if you look at it funny. The clamshell design is honestly pretty nice for protecting the screens if you’re shoving this thing in your pack or your pocket to carry it around.

    But seriously, stop re-releasing your six year old handheld and throw your full weight behind the Switch already. If all these things have going for them is a second screen, that’s not enough to justify two very similar products competing with each other on the same field.

    A 2DS should’ve launched alongside the original 3DS as a cheaper option for soccer moms worried about their kid’s vision and/or people who wouldn’t mind not having the 3D in the first place.

  • evoke

    2DS all grown up