Phoenix Point, a New Turn-Based Tactical Strategy Game by the Creator of X-COM

Phoenix Point is a new turn-based strategy game by Julian Gollop, the original creator of X-COM, and the game is currently seeking funding on crowdfunding platform Fig.

Mostly likened to a spiritual successor to X-COM, the story and gameplay in Phoenix Point are highly reminiscent of the classic tactical strategy game franchise. Earth experiences a cataclysmic event by way of an alien invasion – this time

The story is focused on not an extra-terrestrial invasion, rather a deadly “Pandoravirus,” newly released via the Earth’s permafrost melting and revealing ancient organisms. Featured above, you should hit play on the game’s pitch video to get a better idea of how it looks and plays.

This new virus eventually takes over the worlds oceans, mutating everything into horrifying monstrosities that are literally antithetical to humanity itself. The virus seems to incorporate DNA from different species, cloning them rapidly. Eventually, the mutagens begin invading land, wiping out most of  humanity.

The remaining groups of humanity cloister together in havens, gathering up resources and yet still fight over secrets and ideologies. Much like its spiritual progenitor, the Phoenix Project is created to combat apocalyptic events like the one seen in game. You control a newly activated cell of the Phoenix Project, only to find out you have no contact with the other cells. Your mission: figure out what happened to the others, and hopefully save mankind.

Gollop has been working on the game for a year at his new studio, Snapshot Games, and they’re looking to release the title for PC, Mac, and Linux across Steam and GOG sometime in 2018.

If you’re looking to fund Phoenix Point, head on over to their Fig page and check out the rest of the materials – there’s a lot of information there!

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