Niche Spotlight – Dropzone: Frantic, Competitive Mecha RTS

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Sparkpants Studios have released their competitive, 15-minute match real-time-strategy game of sorts Dropzone to Steam. The game is described as an explosive RTS in which you control three customizable rigs and battle other players to acquire Cores.

The game features one-versus-one, two-versus-two, cooperative, and even player-versus-enemy modes, via single player missions.

Each pilot naturally has their own abilities, to which you can outfit them by four Rig classes: the hulking Tank, powerful Gunner, resourceful Mechanic, and unpredictable Summoner

Featured above, you can view the game’s launch trailer to get a better idea of how the strategy-arena hybrid performs.

Dropzone has been in development for two years and in closed-beta for the past six months. Sparkypants is looking to have the game in Early Access for a few months while they iron out the remainder of their development cycle.

Here’s what you get in the standard version of the game currently:

  • All 12 Pilots available
  • An upcoming 5th Rig class with 3 all-new Pilots
  • All 120 current pieces of Gear
  • 24 pieces of gear for the all-new 5th Rig class
  • An exclusive Early Access Portrait – only ever available via the SQUAD and COMMANDER editions
  • An exclusive Early Access Vision Tower Icon – only ever available via the SQUAD and COMMANDER editions
  • An exclusive Alter Ego: Daredevil Recon – a unique version of our pilot with different skins and effects only ever available via the SQUAD and COMMANDER editions

The studio is planning on adding ranked play for higher competition, in-game tournaments, a new fifth Rig class, and new abilities and Gear to use in battle.

Future releases to the game will have players start with less Pilots and a more limited Gear selection. Cosmetic items are exclusive to these bundles and will not be available to purchase separately.

Dropzone is currently on Steam via Early Access, which you can find here.

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