Mad Catz Files for Bankruptcy, Ceases Operations

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Longtime producer of third-party gaming peripherals Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy.

The San Diego-based company officially filed for bankruptcy yesterday, March 30th. All of the directors and officers of the company have resigned effective immediately.

Things sound pretty bad as their wholly-owned subsidiary, Mad Catz, Inc., ceased operations and also has filed a voluntary petition to liquidate the assets of the company. Furthermore, other company subsidiaries have filed or will file for liquidation, pending their countries of origin.

Mad Catz was founded way back in 1989. It primarily focused on gaming accessories like memory cards, connection cables, control pads or controllers, and more. They also dabbled in software publishing, as well as officially-licensed peripherals for games like Rock Band 3.

I currently use a Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse, and I love it (gotta have that pinky shelf). Have you guys ever used Mad Catz peripherals before? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Joel Leonheart

    I have used Mad Catz they were mostly pretty decent quality sad to see them go :/

  • Professor_Icepick

    That’s a damn shame. They really stepped up their game during the seventh generation.

    I wonder who’s going to become the big peripheral partner for fighting games in the West now.

  • Offendatron_5000

    That’s too bad. Their fight sticks have really improved in the most recent years. That last round of Rock Band kits that they made the hardware for likely killed them.

  • Guest

    The end of an era

  • bgrunge

    I tried a R.A.T. 7 once, but it had all kinds of driver issues, so I just went back to my old standby, the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. Best damn mouse ever made.

  • NuclearCherries
  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    I still use one of there Gamecube memory cards to this day.

  • NeoSkyte

    Yup and honestly I didn’t like it. It felt cheap and broke too often for me. I’ve heard people say MadCatz improved the quality of their products but after my initial experience with that brand I’d say it was too late.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    I’m kinda sad that in the future if I say FUCKING MADCATZ people will just look at me like i’m crazy.

  • FrankieL

    HORI. They are the only one really left with quality Fight Sticks.

  • FrankieL

    Their most recent line of Fight Sticks are some of the best on the market. It’ll be a shame to see them go when they have such a superior product on the market. They really should have done some market research on whether or not anyone really wanted another Rock Band game to begin with before they made that deal. It really did kill them.

  • pantsonadog

    Such a shame ;_; I’ve been using the same TE stick since 2008 and it’s still kicking.

  • Lucky

    Yup. They also supply would-be Smash players with Nintendo Branded GC controller knockoffs. They’re ok.

  • blackice85

    Ah, my favorite is the IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A. I’ve tried many others over the years, but none seem to have the symmetrical design with large 4/5 buttons on either side like that.

  • Nagato
  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • DizzyGear

    Had a R.A.T.5. Loved the pinky rest and the design. Sadly the driver was shit (never to get that damn horizontal scroll thing to work properly) and so was the build quality. Left mouse button and forward/backward buttons started having issues within a year.
    Replaced it with the very affordable and solid Steelseries 100.

  • CommanderZx2

    Unfortunately all of the 3rd party controller manufacturers were mortally wounded when MS forced developers to focus support on their 360 controller with Games for Windows.

  • Zen

    Rip. My first fightstick was MadCatz and I loved it. Looks like my only option if I want to upgrade to a PS4 stick is to mod my own or go HORI.

    They definitely had their dud products but I think they stepped up their game recently. Shame to see them go now.

  • Vernify

    This is truly a sad thing to see happen. I picked up my first fight stick from them way back and it was quite good and still works even now. I can’t speak for there other products since I never looked into them, but they really did put out some good quality fight sticks in the last few years. I guess HORI has the floor, but I’ll can only hope they don’t start slacking off.

  • Vinak

    Pretty sure I have a Mad Catz N64 controller somewhere.

  • aww that’s sucks….

  • I’m guessing all that Street Fighter V bandwagon-ing didn’t help them one iota.

    Still, what a bummer – I heard their fightsticks were really good.

  • patyos

    dang shucks they made very good controllers and peripherals

  • Can’t say I ever had a good experience with a Madcatz. Their N64 controller crapped out on me in record time, I’ve had a few of their memory cards over the years that constantly corrupted and lost my data. I haven’t touched them in ages, but I did hear they had improved greatly since the old days, though I can’t say if that’s true from first hand experience.


    Thank god. AND STAY DEAD THIS TIME! Now children of all ages can no longer be disappointed to ask for a second/new controller for birthday/xmas/etc and get a cheap, shitty, disconnecting, battery chewing, pre-broken, non wireless frequency differentiating, pile of shit instead. Burn in hell. I’m and adult now, and can buy my own controllers, and its authentic or go home. Every single Mad Catz controller I’ve ever used was garbage.

  • Fenrir007

    Madcatz was a brand forever tainted during my childhood. I avoided them like the plague.

  • Forgotten One

    At least they made great arcade sticks

  • Mr. Greis

    Huh, guess I’m the only one with good memories of Mad Catz…

    I loved their built in fan controller. Worked great. Still, scary to see something that was everywhere in your childhood die off. Bums me out a little.

  • RenovatedLee

    All the shit talking of 3rd party controllers aside, their fightpads are decent for fighting games and emulation.