Suda51 Contemplates Making a Hardware-Defining Game for Nintendo Switch

Goichi ‘Suda51’ Suda is an enigmatic and eccentric creator of sorts, known for polarizing and flagrantly differing games like No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, and most recently: Let It Die.

A new interview (via VG247) has Suda talking up the upcoming Nintendo Switch, and it sounds like Suda is wanting to make games for Nintendo consoles yet again.

“I want one (laughs),” Suda said when confirming he’s currently most excited for the Switch.

“Nintendo always makes really cool, interesting hardware that gives us new things to do. On the Wii, not to brag, but I feel that I made a game that used that Wii technology in one of the best ways. I want to find a cool new way to play using what Switch offers.”

This is certainly interesting considering his excitement towards modern virtual reality seen in our own interview with Suda. “Actually, if I could get the budget that I wanted, as opposed to making it more like a modern-day Suda51 game, I’d rather make a VR version instead,” Suda previously said to us.

If you’ve seen the demo, there’s a lot of window always popping up in different areas of the screen. I think VR would be the perfect medium for that. You put on the helmet, look at different windows, and so on. I think VR would be perfect for that, if I had the budget for it.”

Could we be finally seeing No More Heroes 3 but on the Nintendo Switch? Suda previously said that won’t happen for at least 15 years, sadly.

In case you missed it, you can find our review for Let It Die here (we highly recommend it, it was the reviewer’s 2016 GOTY!)

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  • patyos

    omg please let it be No More Heroes 3

  • 草薙 素子

    Waste of talent.

    Also his more adult themes are bound to be toned down/out if this theoretical game is to meet NoA/NoE localization standards.

  • 2501

    Didn’t stop No More Heroes.

  • Belfry

    Didn’t stop Killer7.

  • 真・女神転生

    >Hardware-Defining Game
    Fucking doubt it.

  • Feniks

    Hardware defining? More like censorship defining.

  • 草薙 素子

    I mean modern Nintendo is a totally different beast. But sure.

    Whatever helps you sleep at night. Still can’t get the nasty taste of FE:Fates out of my mouth. Localization butchered it.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I wish he would use his talent on Xbox, PS, and PC. I loved No More Heroes: Paradise.

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    If Nintendo of America doesn’t involve itself in localization it should be fine.

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    Since when does Suda make games that are graphics intensive?

  • Fenrir007

    I would be lying if I said I’m not curious. Hopefully it actually sells.

  • Sean Sharpe

    Only if Nintendo publishes it.

    I mean, you can talk all you want about “modern Nintendo” but when Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse released on the 3DS in 2016, with the last boss being freaking /God/, the entire idea that Nintendo will censor everything is a bit of an overreaction.

  • Tubsiwub

    Do it, no balls.

  • Uncle Slick

    So the fact that an awesome game designer is choosing to make a game for the new Nintendo console means he’s wasting his talent?

    You should tweet that at him, I’m not sure he knows.

  • -blank-

    I’d literally be okay with it being Let it Die on Switch.

  • Sylveria Shini

    NOA’s fine with the religious themes now, its them titties and gams that get their feminist undies all bunched up.

  • sanic

    ““Nintendo always makes really cool, interesting hardware that gives us new things to do. ”

    Half the pong consoles out there had slide out controllers, never mind most took batteries so you could play them portably not that you’d ever want to… IS THIS COOL OR INTERESTING?! DON’T THINK SO

  • Travis Touchdown

    Was No More Heroes or KIller7 censored by Nintendo?


    Stop being a fag.

  • Travis Touchdown

    >Modern Nintendo hates skin.

    Uh huh. Sure. Keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, they’re partnering with Playboy to promote Bayonetta games and allowed this to come out.

    According to Tomonobu Itagaki, Nintendo is very interested in making adult games for the Switch. I can’t wait to BTFO you faggots when those games come out, completely uncensored.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Love these games.

  • Honestly, while the localizationwas utter crap, the game already had a butchered plot to begin with.

  • LaserCatsAreAwesome

    Suda51 Contemplates Cucking.

  • Sean Sharpe

    There are many sexualized demons in the series, too. I mean, one looks like a freaking cock. (And you know, if it’s all about feminism, they’d have to censor that too… All men are rapists, after all!) Not counting the sexy female demons in the series that don’t wear very much.

    They don’t touch third party. And even their handling of games they publish seems schizophrenic. You have edits in Fire Emblem Fates and Bravely Default/Second but they also published Bayonetta 2, with a freaking Playboy photo shoot promoting it and Devil’s Third.

    The point is… Worry about some censorship boogyman, even if Nintendo funded a Suda51 game (as opposed to one just getting released on the system) seems a little paranoid and reactionary.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Yeah, and there’s a shitload of censored games that say otherwise. A few games might get through here and there, but it all depends on who localizes it. Mainly Treehouse.

  • 草薙 素子

    I can’t wait ’til your glorified tablet flops and Nintendo goes full-mobile.

    But hey, opinions.

  • catazxy

    Say budget one more time….but seriously, don’t go to microsoft for cash, man

  • Enjoy your flop Suda51. Should put it on the PS4 instead.

  • Loli de 42 Anos Atrasada no SQ

    I just replayed Lollipop Chainsaw one of these days, I really like Suda’s games, I hope whetever he comes up with will be cool! (either No More Heroes 3 or Lollipop Chainsaw 2 or whatever else)

  • Envy Noson
  • DariusQ

    Not only should we get a No More Heroes 3, it should get the compilation treatment like Bayonetta did.