New Conan Exiles Dev Diary Showcases Base-Building and Defense

Funcom has released a new developer diary for Conan Exiles, their upcoming survival sandbox game.

Featured above, the new video showcases how you’ll go about constructing villages and even cities, and naturally how to defend them.

“Conan Exiles has a really nice freeform building system,” creative director Joel Bylos says in the video. “Basically we’ve tried to create a building system which is as flexible as possible. That means that it allows you to build buildings almost anywhere.”

Lead designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle also sounds off in the video:

“Building is a very important aspect of the game because it is the main way to secure your goods. One of the cool features we have is that you can build a house on a mountainside, if you want.”

The open world, action-survival game will launch for PC via Steam Early Access on January 31st. Soon after, the game will also launch for Xbox One’s Game Preview program this spring. A Playstation 4 release is planned as well.

Brandon Orselli


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