Alienware Distributing Early Disgaea 2 Demo for PC

Alienware is giving out exclusive, early access to a playable demo for Disgaea 2 on PC.

This promotion is available until January 23rd, and you can download it via this website. Following this, Steam users can get the demo for free on January 30th.

The full release for Disgaea 2 on PC is set for January 30th, when a full public demo will also be launched.


Brandon Orselli


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  • catazxy

    I kinda wish it was a demo disk, like in the old days, but its a digital code probably.


    My first Disgaea game.

    Fucking Rozalin, man. Or should I said, “Former Overlord”?

  • AR7777

    Sadly nothing physical on PC nowadays, and almost everything is dependant on steam.

  • “Fucking Rozalin”

    Don’t mind if I do.


    I know. She’s pretty hot.