Sega Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Still Ongoing, Valkyria Revolution is Like Parallel Series

With Sega’s heavy focus on Valkyria Revolution, many fans have been concerned that Valkyria Chronicles as a series has been quietly shut down by the company. A recent interview over on the Japanese PlayStation Blog with Valkyria Revolution director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Youichi Shimosato have both creators promising fans this isn’t the case.

They explained that Sega is definitely planning on continuing the original Valkyria Chronicles series, however the team wanted to try something a bit different with Revolution. They made a note in confirming various pitches for a new Valkyria Chronicles game have been made since its third entry – however they didn’t pan out due to scheduling.

While the original games are tactical, turn-based shooters, Revolution is a real-time action RPG. It’s also worth mentioning the former is more alternate history, while the latter leans a bit more towards fantasy. Revolution was made purely as an RPG, to make up for the elements not seen in the original games.

Ozawa compared the two parallel Valkyria games as two entirely different series, similar to the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. They may share common themes, mechanics, and so on, however the characters, story, and so on are very different. Perhaps we’ll start to see both series developed simultaneously in the future?

Thanks to fan feedback, the Valkyria Revolution team was able to find a hopeful balance in the game’s real-time combat and the tactical feel of the original games. Fans originally found the game to be too action-oriented, so a new menu scheme was implemented to pause the action whenever you hit triangle to bring up the action menu.

Ozawa celebrated the Valkyria Chronicles series and the universe it has established. Coming from this, he teased that he constantly thinks about how to approach the next entry, while also taking into account how much hardware has progressed.

It’s worth mentioning at the time of writing Valkyria Chronicles III still hasn’t gotten an official western / English release.

Valkyria Revolution is launching in Japan on January 19th for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. A western release for the game is happening in Q2 of next year, across PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One.


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  • SuperDuperSenpai

    They already confirmed Azure Revolution was a spin-off, but had to say it again for the retards in the back.

  • JFpaes15

    Took their sweet fucking time to say that.

  • Mr0303

    Ozawa is in a really hard place – he is developing a game that most of the fans of the original will probably not like or be interested in. I guess this statement means that if this game is not successful for some reason, this doesn’t spell the end of the series as a whole, which I think is the right position to take. By saying this he is not forcing the fanbase to support the game, but rather give it a chance if they are interested.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    Revolution is lame and generic

  • Kiryu

    That’s nice to hear.

  • I don’t think it was ever officially put as that, though. The wording could have been better but yeah. I don’t remember them ever officially saying it’s a spinoff, though. Maybe talking up how it’s different and things like that.

  • Cael

    >however the team wanted to try something a bit different with Revolution.
    Stop the bullshit. It’s just a modern Shining game with a different name. They could just as well have called it Shining Resonance 2 or Shining Revolution.

  • SuperDuperSenpai

    idk, I distinctly remember it being mentioned as a spin-off very early in its reveal, which is why I wasn’t too bothered with the changes. (Not that I like the change by any means, personally)

  • I mean we already knows it was a spin off, it’s probably a message for the blind haters. who will hate this game no matter what. and that’s pretty sad.

    Huge fan of the Valkyria Chronicle series myself finished the 3 game and i’m willing to give this game a chance. i’m tottaly fine with it.

  • 草薙 素子

    “Quite literally a revolution from previous Valkyria titles, Valkyria Revolution takes place in an alternate time, continent, and universe.”

  • catazxy

    Just as long they are working on another true VC

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Same. The people who want this game to be OG VC are high off the Member Berries.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Its been 8 years since the original game came out and I doubt most fans of the original bout the second game on account of them putting it on the PSP.

    Revolution was billed as a spinoff from the jump.

  • Tubsiwub

    Nice to have confirmation that they are still keeping the original series going.

  • NuclearKangaroo

    you better not be lying

    also were are mah VC2 and VC3 PC ports? you fucking promised

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I would hope so, considering how different it is from the other games.

  • Xavier Bart-Williams

    It’s a spin-off. Why wouldn’t be?

  • JFpaes15

    It’s less about ‘reducing things to their basic’, and more about ‘I don’t believe Sega until they make their point 100% cristal clear’. Being a spin-off doesn’t stop it from taking over the main series, look at Shin Megami Tensei, the main games have been demoted to handheld, while Persona enjoys the luxury of having high production values and being high profile console releases.

    The same thing could happen with Valkyria Revolution, I just wanted Sega to confirm it wasn’t going to be the case.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    The Chronicle series don’t need much other than some history added though. The last game should already give them plenty to reuse for those purposes without having to change much yet still keep a refreshing environment. The graphics and gameplay has aged really well, I actually bought the HD version this year. I felt it was a 9/10 despite being 8 years old, it just didn’t show.

  • sanic

    Just release VC 2 & 3 HD pack and announce 4 upon release, have a program to play the VC4 demo 6 months with VC2/3 Disc after to help keep copies with people.

  • Belfry

    Didn’t they say that in the first place?

  • Guin

    So does this mean we’ll be able to play a faction that’s not Gallia this time?

  • Belfry

    They’ll find a way to make us play as Gallia again, just you watch.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    They should remake the 3rd game and localize it first, the game is awesome, has very good caracthers, appealing story and very good game mechanics and caracther skills, the only downside tough is aside from final stage missions the maps are very repetitive which makes it kind of boring sometimes, a PS4 remake could solve this problem

  • Phasmatis75

    Originally they announced it as a Prequel, and to be honest I never heard them change it until now.

  • Phasmatis75

    Keep in mind when this game was announced it was announced as a prequel, and a lot of gamers never heard that it was set in another universe. Until this I actually still thought they were going with the prequel thing, but after both the American and Japanese Audience continuously didn’t like it, I guess they wanted to make sure everyone knew it for sure.

  • Phasmatis75

    Originally it was a prequel to one, not a spin off.

  • Phasmatis75

    Originally it wasn’t announced as a spinoff but a prequel, along with that a spin off could taint the brand name so much that everyone thinks it’s another entry in the bad spinoff universe or a spinoff of the spinoff.

  • Phasmatis75

    Well they tried a card game, it flopped. They announced this as a prequel, then spinoff, now definitely a spin off, so as a fan, it’s huge hearing that they’re not abandoning the original series.

  • Mr0303

    The game was recently rereleased on PS4 and PC, so some new players may have it fresh in their mind. Plus there have been 3 VC games in Japan, where it is already an established series.

    There was no question that it was a spin-off, but sometimes spin-offs decide the fate of the series and he gave reassurance that this is not the case here.

  • bryce

    They didn’t say anything about having VC2 and VC3 on PC I follow sega news and they never even said that

  • NuclearKangaroo

    which is why im asking nigga

  • Chris Moretz

    Heres a thought, stop wasting our time and your own business money and make the tactical shooters that sold and people actually want, not this garbage “wanted to try something different”.

    Dumb ideas with 2/3 not being on main consoles and now yet another dumb idea. You finally come back to ps4 and its not tactical anymore? Seriously just stop. VC1 was perfect and you abbandoned it, good to hear chronicles will keep going but you could have had 5 main series releases by now of the tactical shooter that made vc1 great by now, instead you still only have ONE and apparently dont plan on having more then that for awhile.

    Get it together Takeshi
    Time is money as is loss of fun, youre ruining things.