New Gameplay Footage From System Shock Reboot’s Demo

With the official Kickstarter set to get underway later today and a demo being prepared for everyone to take a shot at, it should come as no surprise that some gaming outlets have already had access to the game. One such site has even posted gameplay of the soon-to-be-public demo and though it only clocks in at roughly nine minutes, it still looks mighty impressive to this System Shock fan.

Once thought to be a remaster, Night Dive has recently stated that the game is meant more to be a reboot of the original game than a simple remake. How this will exactly change the game remains to be seen, but since we’re less than three hours away from the crowdfunding campaign going live and the demo being publicly uploaded for everyone to sample, we won’t have to wait long for the answer.

Provided the kickstarter is a success, the new System Shock will release for Xbox One and PC via GOG and Steam, with a collector’s edition (and even a Razer-branded laptop) available to those who donate a large enough sum to the project. Curious gamers can keep tabs on the game through night Dive Studios’ official Facebook page.

Carl Batchelor


Carl is both a JRPG fan and a CRPG'er who especially loves European PC games. Even with more than three decades of gaming under his belt, he feels the best of the hobby is yet to come.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    no ps4?

  • Heavily Augmented

    Looks extremely faithful towards the original. The future of System Shock is looking good (never thought I could say something like that).

  • Master Bating

    Not yet it seems.
    Still dont understand why

  • dathip

    going to be glorious on the #pcmasterrace

  • vonSanneck

    Some might and will mourn the loss for the original sound desig. Can get nodded later I suppose. I for one like the character control I saw depicted.

  • Jack


  • Nagato

    Probably another paid (timed?) exclusivity deal, as MS and Sony are known to do.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    Serious question here, people in the comments that are saying this is faithful to the original and are excited and such.

    Did you play the original? Because I did and this seems to completely spit in its face. Doesn’t even have the same art or sound design and that combat looks like Skyrim-tier shit

  • CommanderZx2

    They’ve already done a remaster of System Shock to get it to work on modern hardware.

    This is their own new reboot of the game.

  • You sure you want to go with that?

  • Matthew Hage

    This makes little sense since up until two days ago they’ve been calling THIS the “remaster” of System Shock.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    It’s just a port to modern systems dude. Doesn’t count.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    That was wonderfully cheesy

  • Raziel Barkrai

    I played maybe 10 minutes of the original, but wasn’t it faster than this?

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    Yep. And you didn’t fumble to aim your crosshairs at the numberpad either like a shit chucking ape.

  • Master Bating

    I have indeed played the first one, and while it certainly isnt a faithful recreation it certainly doesnt spit in its face.
    Art design is really close, sound is being made by the Brosius couple who made the System Shock 2 soundtrack, so no MIDI unfortunately but at least it will positively be good, they dont hold back in any piece of media they have made music for.
    Combat remains the same shallow garbage but without the clunkiness, Polygon just obviously sucks dick at it.

    Theres some nice touches like the awareness of the HUD, animations when upgrading it, round of the SparqBeam lighting up the locations where they land on the mutants, removal of hitmarkers, keypad being usedon the actual model ingame and every contextual action not having a shitty animation that removes control from you.

    Its really good actually I like it a bunch aside from the inventory system which the devs confirmed to be WIP and is hopefully also an integral part of the HUD for immersion much like the original.

    If the whole game is like this but with more polish, especially on the enemy attack animations it will be a really nice remake.

  • CommanderZx2
  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    But the art design isn’t close. Where’s the pink? I saw none of that. The first level was bright as shit.

  • Master Bating
  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    It is actually something I am waiting to get tested on actually.

    Sorry for that outburst of ignorance.

  • Master Bating

    Its alright, I get that reboots are viewed negatively, I for one despise the 2016 iteration of Doom.
    But this one actually looks really good, I wasnt expecting this level of quality and faithfulness to the OG.
    I just hope the whole game is like this and they can pull off the labyrinthic levels and OG fidelity while having this amount of detail and small improvements.
    It doesnt really get the cheesy scifi atmosphere of the first game, but it seems to be more inclined towards the second game which I also enjoy greatly, so Im ok with it.

    Good luck with your colorblindness

  • Heavily Augmented

    “Faithful recreation” isn’t the best way to describe it, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a spit in the face and I think it’s doing a decent job of recreating the original while trying to be its own thing.

    Art design seems to be mostly in tact and the design of the environment show that a decent amount of care was put into it. Also speaking of it, the level design looks fairly similar and item placements seem nearly the same which is nothing but good since that was the best aspect of the original.

    The sound design is different, but it’s expected and it honestly sounds fine so far. Just as long as they don’t change SHODAN’s voice, I’m fine with everything else presented. At most, I don’t really like the ambient music in comparison towards the original which was a lot more catchy, but that’s about it.

    In terms of combat, do you really think the original was any better in terms of melee combat? It was literally just running up to an enemy and mashing the attack button to bash their skull in with your pipe. Sure, I can understand if you wished for some improvement but it really isn’t much different from the original.

    The only thing I can say that I’ll miss is the point and click interface that you had in the original since I found that to separate it from most other games at the time, but if they’re going for an SS2 approach of item management, that’s bearable.

  • Cael

    >Comments can’t be blank.
    Come on now.

  • Rautaputki

    I’m not sure if I like this one. I kind of like what they’re doing but there are stuff that I feel would give the new audiences wrong presentation of the game. And that is why I completely disagree with your opinion that this seems to be a faithful and “good remake”. It’s a remake alright and not a “reimagined” game like the Doom (2016) is.

    For example… the physics of e.g. dropping boxes from ledges isn’t there (based on this video) and the sneaking component of the gameplay is gone. There isn’t peeking around corners. Not to mention that they’ve added details that don’t make any sense (like moved camera’s into places where they shouldn’t be).

    The UI looks more modern but at the same time seems to lack the point n’ click stuff that gives the original game and SS2 much of its appeal. The doors now limit visibility as well. Sound design seems to be less well thought out and outright incomplete. Some critical items are given at wrong places. The online component of the HUD is missing too.

    Animations feel incomplete and weird at times (especially hitting stuff with a pipe). Movement seems to be more restricted and slower as well. And oh god those “Hmm… a box I wonder what’s inside” (2:05) notices that appear on screen break the immersion and the fact that the MC is supposed to be the player instead of some scripted character. And… And… And…

    I think it graphically looks fairly faithful and that’s very encouraging. But at the same time I’m getting cold feet about this one. At least I can find some comfort that no matter what this version ends up being it will never take away the possibility to play the true original game with all its faults and brilliance.

  • Rautaputki

    The funny thing is that this advertisement doesn’t lie or twist the truth. Especially System Shock’s physics system was really far ahead of its time when it came out. And based on the video of the new version it seems that they’ve thrown all that subtle stuff completely out of the window.

  • Rautaputki

    >System Shock 2 SHODAN


  • OldPalpy

    Another dev with a Microcuck fetish.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    I’m all in.

  • Master Bating

    True enough, but theres lot of misinfo here.
    I consider you do research on the games features.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    I never knew there was a great difference, but wasn’t the reason SHODAN became more…human?…was because she was trying to merge organic with cybernetic and eventually was trying to become essentially the Ubermensch and god of a new dawn of existence?

    She literally becomes half-human by the end…though the ending of SS2 is inarguably the worst part of SS2 so I don’t know.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Going over the dialogue now, she seems pretty consistent in both games

  • Post Konami Kojima

    They got the original voice actress for shodan

  • Post Konami Kojima

    They got Warren Spector and the original shodan actress, I think we’re pretty safe

  • So she went the same path as Glados.

  • if it does well on PC it will eventually come to ps4.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    I’d understand if it was a AAA game, but based on the kickstarter, it seems like it’ll be released for 29.99

  • Godmars

    Oddly, this is what I was expecting out of last gen. What PS3 and 360 games should have looked like.

    Also, this is just on the PC/XB1? Crap.

  • Jack


  • Feniks

    It’s explained in the game she went nuts due to prolonged isolation when she was stuck on her journey through deep space after ejecting from Citadel Station.

    I’ve never played the first one so I don’t know what she was like before.

  • doog

    no not really if anything it was slower.

  • Matthew Hage

    In a world where Keiji Inafune runs off with 4 million dollars, nothing is safe.

  • Rautaputki

    I just got the demo downloaded after keeping PC powered through the night and played the demo this morning. I’d like to correct myself on some accounts… First of all I’m relieved to see that the box physics kind of seem to be there but it’s very very early stages and ledge dropping isn’t possible. The corner peeking is there as well which hints of a possible upcoming sneaking possibilities like the ones in the original game but that too is in very early stages. And I must add that the floor gravity value is completely wrong.

    Overall it’s a nice incomplete alpha-demo that does its purpose. It demonstrates what the people would probably get if it gets funded at Kickstarter.

  • Rautaputki

    I should probably also add that if you play the original disk version of the System Shock SHODAN is referred as “it” or “he”. That was changed to more consistent “she” when they added the voice into it in the CD-version. The voice acting itself in both System Shock games is consistent and of good quality.

    I think that the writer who wrote the dialogue for SHODAN was imagining the AI as a Greek (male) god straight out of mount Olympus. And then later on when voice was added developers changed sex to female goddess. And this disparity of female AI talking like a male goddess is what makes the character great and gives her that natural feel in the first game. I’d highly recommend playing the first game and thinking through about all the stuff spoken in the game.

    However in the second game it’s more about imitating that style. Developers clearly did not really understand where it came from or had forgotten the lessons learned in SS1. They’ve directly written a female villain AI goddess as a character without the subtle differences that make the character believable in the first game. There is no way in hell SHODAN would ever help a human (even thought it’s been fairly well written and explained event in the SS2).

    I can agree that that event develops the character we know as SHODAN and makes the game’s story aspect better. In SS1 SHODAN doesn’t really develop as a character but I don’t think that it’s a fault since it’s kind of explained in the first game why that is.

  • Master Bating

    Hopefully they deliver, not financing it myself though.
    Never donated to a Kickstarted and never will, too many horror stories and I would hate myself if the remake is shite since this is one of my favorite franchises along with Metroid, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  • Rautaputki

    I don’t really care how it turns out but I’m hoping for the best possible outcome. I might drop few coins to it. By the way, have you played the original game with the original controls?

  • Master Bating

    Yes, and kinda
    I played with the original controls but left it midway until I found Portable which still locks the crosshair depending on your actions.
    Takes time to get used to, but what a ride.

    Only thing that bothers me is the depth perception owhichn the enemies an issue thats ten times worse on Stygian Abyss due to most weapons being melee.

  • Rautaputki

    SSP’s mouse look / cursor lock is a mod. The original game doesn’t have such thing. IMHO it makes the game more difficult to play.

    I’m not really bothered by the depth perception even in the Ultima Underworld. I like that in System Shock the player is able to grab n’ activate stuff fairly far away. The same thing is present in other games running on top of the same game engine too.

  • Rautaputki

    It’s the other way around. GLaDOS took the path of SHODAN… Here have some cake… :D

  • Master Bating

    Hows Terra Nova?
    Always wanted to try that one out, gives me pre MechWarrior 4 vibes.

  • Viredae

    On the other hand, Keiji Inafune WISHES he put out a demo as good as this.

  • Viredae

    Don’t lose hope, maybe if it does well enough it can get a PS4 release.

  • Viredae

    Can you guys wait up, I need to go replay SS2…

  • Godmars

    More miffed over the likely negative effect HD and online had on gaming. That we got better, crispier, looking titles that socialized and mainstreamed gaming at the cost of the development and retardation of gaming genres and tech like AI and probably even physics. Creativity in general as fantasy became reality based.

  • Rautaputki

    Oh, it’s a very very good game. Especially if you like post-MechWarrior 2 era of realistic mech simulators. But I wouldn’t compare it to MechWarrior 3 or 4 since it’s very different than those two games.

    Go get it from or something. It’s one of those games which should have sold millions of copies and made Looking Glass really known for… but for some reason didn’t.

  • FlawedIntellect

    There’s definitely the ability to peek around corners, as the demo has a function for leaning left or right. It’s there. It’s just that there’s not a lot of places where it’s useful to use.

  • Rautaputki

    Yeah, and if you read my later comment you can see that I already knew about it. =)

  • NukeA6

    It’s getting a Kickstarter? After the $20 I spent on Mighty No. 9, I’m really

    iffy. Don’t get me wrong, both System Shocks are great games and I want the 3rd game and remake to succeed so the series gets the recognition it deserves.

  • FlawedIntellect

    I know now. X3 I scrolled down and saw that, and upvoted that comment. :3

  • Rautaputki

    Allow me to upvote your comment in return. :3

  • Thiefofhearts

    I thought SS2 had a good reason why you weren’t converted: You’re not the first attempt of Shodan fighting the Many. The last groups failed in different methods SHODAN tried. Make em too puppety and they risk being controlled either by the psychic monsters of the Many with zero will power or hacked by XERXES. Too honest, and people would outright refuse or know how dangerous she was. Your implants could be hacked later once the free will was no longer useful to SHODAN.

  • sanic

    Not sure about this since apparently they have that dude who was a cunt on facepunch forums

  • Neojames82

    Just played the demo last night, was extremely impressed of what they have so far. See, THIS is what should be in every KS campaign. a god damn demo. It should be a requirement at this point, none of this concept art, pre-rendered nonsense, AN ACTUAL; WORKING DEMO.

    Anyway, will be for sure giving them some KS funds because this is a game that needs to happen and hopefully they can hit all their stretch goals as well.

  • HD and 60fps has bettered gaming.

  • Godmars

    SD gaming had 60fps. More features and content as well.

  • SiliconNooB

    In the demo when the player kept missing all those shots at a target that was right in front of them I jokingly said to myself “this must be a Polygon video”.

    Mfw it turns out that I was right XD

  • SiliconNooB

    This is substantially better than nothing! ^_^

  • SiliconNooB

    If they want my money then they’ll put it on the PS4!

  • SiliconNooB

    With SD the industry was dominated by Japan and the games they made were GODLY – now with HD everything is gritty and Western made, and it’s just getting really tedious… I miss the PS2 ;_;

  • Godmars

    Think MS has already put some money in, which like Shenmue 3, only makes it being on Kickstarter odd.