Rez Infinite Gets New Area X Focused on PlayStation VR Experience

rez infinite 03-17-16-1

Enhance Games has shared new concept art and information for Rez Infinite, their upcoming HD remaster of the Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 classic.

The new concept art teases a new area, “Area X,” which is being developed with virtual reality (in this case, PlayStation VR) in mind.

According to the developer, you’ll experience “Particles moving with the music.”

rez infinite 03-17-16-2

The new area was first teased in the game’s announcement trailer, which you can view here.

Rez Infinite will feature fully remixed sound to support 3D audio, remastered assets to support 1080p visuals, and new control options (among other changes) that will make the game playable in VR.

Rez Infinite is launching for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR sometime later this year.

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