Female Japanese Representative Refutes UN Suggestion to Ban Media Depicting Sexual Violence

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If you may recall, we reported on the United Nations discussing the possible banning of games and manga that depict sexual violence against women, in Japan.

Now, Kumiko Yamada, representative of the Japanese wing of the Women’s Institute Of Contemporary Media Culture, has responded to this, and she had quite a bit to say regarding the subject.

Her response (Editor’s Note: first translated by reddit user RyanoftheStars; we’ve verified the translation’s accuracy) can be found below:

We are absolutely in agreement that the protection of the rights of women in Japan is important. On the other hand, we think it should be carefully and seriously evaluated whether the measures taken to ensure those protections are valid ones or not. If we are asked to consider whether “Protecting Women’s Rights in Japan” requires us to “Ban the Sale of Manga and Video Games Depicting Sexual Violence,” then we must reply that that is an absolute “no.”

Reasons for Our Opinion:

Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women.

Reason #2 – In Japan, and especially when it comes to manga, these are creative fields that women themselves cultivated and worked hard by their own hand to create careers for themselves. If we were to “ban the sale of manga that includes sexual violence,” it would do the opposite and instead create a new avenue of sexism toward women.

Detailed Explanation of Reasons:

About Reason #1 – It goes without saying that the rape and other crimes of actual real people who experience sexual acts from partners without consent is an actual violation of their rights concerning sexual violence and should obviously be forbidden by law, and that it’s necessary to protect and support victims. However, the figures in manga and video games are creative fictions that do not actually exist, and thus this is not a violation of any real person’s human rights. We should focus on attacking the problems that affect real women’s human rights as quickly as possible.

About Reason #2 – In Japan, and especially when it comes to manga, these are creative fields that women themselves cultivated and worked hard by their own hand to create careers for themselves.Already in the 70s there were women-focused manga magazines and many talented women manga writers came from them.In this way, before the Equal Opportunity Employment Act for Men and Women passed in 1986, there was already a space where women flourished and had established the “shoujo manga” genre. And of course, within women’s manga, sometimes the topic was of romance and sex […] In this way, it can be predicted that if we were to ban the sale of “manga that depicts sexual violence,” a great deal of publishers would cease publication of a huge amount of works. In the creative field of manga, the effect would be that women who have worked so hard to create a place for vibrant careers would have that place shrink right in front of them, as well as have their efforts negated. In addition, if we were to put ourselves in the places of manga readers the chance to know about the history of the sexual exploitation of women would be lost and method for them to come to know about it. If the creative fields of manga were attacked, trampled on and destroyed with such prejudice, it would damage not only the women manga writers, but also spread to other women creators in the field, as well as the female readers. This would be a sexist punishment that only narrows the career possibilities of Japan’s women



As stated above, we cannot say that banning the sale of manga and video games that “depict sexual violence” is valid, even if we were to agree that the goal of protecting the rights of women is correct.

There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot. As well, in Japan, the entire reason we have a media genre such as manga that developed to take on themes such as the sexual exploitation of women came from an attitude to tolerate “drinking the pure and the dirty without prejudice.” It’s because we had the freedom to express our views and with that to express the view of a world of humans that live and die, that there are pure and wonderful things and dirty and nasty things mixed with each other.

Manga is a field where women have put in their hard work and effort to cut forward paths and cultivate a place of their own. We believe that in order to protect this place from being trampled on, it will need our continued hard work to pass it on to the next generation, and it is this effort that will link to the greater freedom and rights of women.

For the full response, you can read the original Japanese blog here, and the translated response here.

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  • Mr0303

    “The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up
    thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people” – game, set and match.

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    Finally someone took the facts and laid them on the table for all to see.

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    Based Japan.

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    Finally someone fucking gets it.

    Maybe we should stop leaving these decisions to men with penis guilt.

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    Yes it´s gold! we have check mate!

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  • Jack

    “Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women.”
    Holy fuck

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  • Uncle Ocelot

    Based Kumiko.
    Based Japan.

    Cry more, cultural marxists.

  • Heavily Augmented

    “However, the figures in manga and video games are creative fictions
    that do not actually exist, and thus this is not a violation of any real
    person’s human rights.”

  • Point 1 means common sense. Fictional characters are not real. Japan, saving the day again, against all that sjw shit!

  • SpecialK

    Good lord, I love glorious Nippon where there’s still sanity in some people’s brains.

  • This is Hanzo logic, folded over 1,000 times to slice through ideological nonsense.

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    Let me help you

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    UN got bodied XD

  • Mike Campbell

    “Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women/”

    Yeah because Violence Jack never exist and they maybe fiction but they are still being made by real people

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Gee that sounds like the kinda thing we’ve been saying all along. Heh it’s funny that feminism and SJW’S claim to fight for women’s benefit and yet many more women are speaking out against them. I doubt this will go anywhere though since the UN is impotent as fuck.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    Based Japan.

    Now the UN needs to go away. Forever.

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  • This woman will save the world with her words.

    Share them to death, guys.

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    Reason 1 is the elephant in the room that pro censorship folk in the west seem to be oblivious to.

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    Those real people made up a story though, they didn’t hurt anybody.
    Never go full retard.

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  • alterku

    I have never felt better about Japan than I do right now. There are so many quoteworthy lines in that reply that I couldn’t choose just one. But the one talking about fiction not being reality is probably my favorite. You hear that UN? Fuck your shitty feelings. Your feelings don’t fucking matter. Human rights fucking matter.

  • TheLastSandwichOnEarth

    Is the sole purpose of the UN to piss everyone the fuck off.

  • Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie


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    Weird, I thought it was the opposite. To get so pissed off at things nobody cares about and ignore the things everybody else cares about.

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    Some give PLEASE give this girl a high-five. We NEED more people like her in politics nowadays, willing to lay down some common sense amongst all this PC BS.

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  • TheMaverickGamer

    Outstanding. The logic in all of this not only pleases me, but helps to restore some of my faith in humanity.

  • alterku

    When the women of your country are sane enough to post such a beautiful, scathing, and polite reply to an asinine request, you know you’re winning. Bring some of that sensibility to the rest of the world Japan! We need you!

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    Today has been a good day.

  • TheMaverickGamer

    This train needs some Nep.

  • TFE

    “As well, in Japan, the entire reason we have a media genre such as
    manga that developed to take on themes such as the sexual exploitation
    of women came from an attitude to tolerate “drinking the pure and the
    dirty without prejudice.” It’s because we had the freedom to express our
    views and with that to express the view of a world of humans that live
    and die, that there are pure and wonderful things and dirty and nasty
    things mixed with each other.”

    Like a breath of fresh air. She completely nailed it.
    Maybe there is hope for man still.

  • Taedirk

    Is that Santa Hitler?

  • Kraken

    common sense still exists in the world! im so happy!

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  • Kiryu

    Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women.

    Not sure these people at the UN will understand that since they can’t differentiate.

    This is great news and the answer i expected from Japan.

  • Riagan

    This is beautiful. Thank you Kumiko Yamada, on behalf of the rest of planet Earth. Thank you VERY much.

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  • Michael Richardson

    “There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

    I wonder if the U.N. needs some sort of ointment or cream for that BURN?

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    “However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”


  • 革命的の鶏

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  • Dewey Defeats Truman

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    As a proud Otaku,from the bottom of my heart;Thank you miss Kumiko Yamada.

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  • Mea K

    This makes me unbelievably happy. I hope this means there’s a chance our hobby will survive the push to “clean up Japan” for the upcoming Olympics, too.

  • Clairity

    I’m not really worried about Japan getting “cleaned up” but I am worried about western feminists calling for bans on Japanese localizations and such. There might be some pretty dark times ahead.

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    Was expecting that response.Alot of female mangakas in Japan love to draw hentai so putting them out of work would not help their rights.In the West we have lost all common sense long ago.

  • Mr0303
  • Kiryu

    And people say women are illogical,they obviously haven’t met Japanese women.

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    Just not America unfortunately

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    I was in ikebukuro n oh my god the man on man hentai was insane also so many women buying it I bought a couple to as well cause y not

  • Derek

    Of course. If someone was threatening your livelihood wouldnt have something to say?

  • Kiryu


  • Leandro Teixeira

    Any quote she said rebokes any kind of excuse used to justify censorship, I mean just look at this fantastic words of wisdom: “There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual
    violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional
    characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real
    world left to rot.”

  • Kev Lew

    hell of a statement, well done those blog posters.

  • Kiryu

    Japan has alot of talented female hentai artists and they are passionate about their work,it’s just the Western ignorance combined with feminist ideology that thinks only men draw that.

  • iHodor

    They dropped the only bomb more powerful than the atom bomb.

    The truth bomb.

  • Kiryu

    It was beautiful,just beautiful.She made the UN look like fucking morons.


  • ender424

    How do you say “GET REKT” in Japanese?

  • Robert Cisneros

    Oh no man draws wht I have seen my friend no man, these were things u can not understand so horrible and yetintriguing tht u must nvr witness them

  • Leandro Teixeira

    From my point of view the UN are fucking morons, that’s a solid fact. The BS they proposed just about proves it

  • tetrisdork

    As much as I want to believe (and trust me, this burn is epic), has the source been verified? Trust but verify, is all.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    >We should focus on attacking the problems that affect real women’s human rights as quickly as possible


  • SuuLoliBoob

    Why can’t a Women like her be head of the UN?! It sounds like would do 100x better then any other one.

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    Especially with their UN “peacekeepers” rape scandal they should think before telling Japan what they can and cannot draw.*Glass houses and stones*

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    Explains a lot about the UN and Japan.

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  • Uncle Slick

    Holy damn. Well said.

    I mean, did the UN even think of other forms of entertainment that show the same thing? Like any show on HBO perhaps?

    It’s ludicrous.

  • Caio Pontes

    If I’m not mistaken, the american judicial system refused to criminalize depictions of children exactly for that reason.
    “For there to be a crime, there needs to be a victim.” or something similar.

  • OtakuBrony230

    Finally! Someone who understands the difference between reality and fiction…

  • Jack

    ‘However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.’
    Holy fuckin shit
    Talk about anally annihilated

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  • edge

    “if we were to put ourselves in the places of manga readers the chance to know about the history of the sexual exploitation of women would be lost and method for them to come to know about it.”

    This is an important concept that I don’t think SJWs have been emotionally intelligent enough to understand. Some fictional situations, even excellent storylines, are supposed to make you feel aweful and horrible, it’s not all puppies and candy. By censoring content and media’s ability to represent it, you’re damaging creators ability to tell a message, and could irrevocably damage following generations understanding of real world issues. I say this because at times it seems their reaction is to try and ban anything they don’t like or that makes them uncomfortable.

  • randr01d

    Can’t take it. Too much Logic!

    Man that was like chastising a 10 year-old. I am officially ashamed of my bullshit Western SJW culture.

  • She definetly is a Heroine. So much win.

  • The fact that Mrs. Yamada even had to say these things makes me want to question my faith in humanity, however her words alone give me hope at the same time as well!

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    Give this woman a fucking medal that says Kumiko “Logic” Yamada, a true heroine”.

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    If I was the UN I would be picking up the pieces of my FAT ASS that just got BLOWN ONTO THE FLOOR. HOLY FUCK.

    “Uh, not only is this concern a complete waste of time, but your suggestion to do this makes you all misogynists because most of this stuff is written by Japanese women. Check your privilege, Retard-san.”

  • Alistair

    lol surely now the UN & SJWs will take that hint that I & others had said all along you can’t hurt fictional characters.

    I know that, you know that apparently thick cunts can’t know and that statement proves it 100% bullshit from UN & SJWs

    Even she said they should be more upfront & care more of real women & not fictional ones hmm I wonder how UN & SJWs gonna spin this.

  • John Doe

    I need to find this woman and wife her, super hard.

    Diamond in the rough….

  • MusouTensei

    I especially love this part
    “However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional
    characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real
    world left to rot.”

    pretty much what the creator of La Blue Girl recently said in an interview about american journalists that attack him for making hentai.

  • Juan Pablo Fernandez

    >Tolden Sun Dark Dawn

    I laughed at that one.

  • NukeA6

    That atom-smasher of a response was so beautiful, I almost became a weeaboo.

  • tccboss

    Hold on, there’s alot of female hentai artists?!

  • Robert Cisneros

    Just over privileged women who think said privilege is bad are illogical, not everything is their fault, but the since they have privilege it must be attitude is sickening.

  • Sheba

    Common sense is so rare among feminists it’s a fcking superpower.

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    I love japanese games and anime but have never hit weeaboo but I am there with you that almost made me want to become one right then reading that.

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    Common sense has won the day.

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    First, Melissa Click actually getting fired from Mizzou and today, this wonderful masterpiece of a bombshell by Yamada-san. My faith in humanity being restored a little bit at a time :)

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    Oh my god! What a sexist response! Won’t somebody think of the imaginary people?!

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    This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Such a based response.

  • Clairity

    That woman is a problematic gender traitor that needs to be re-educated. She’s going against Big Sister’s holy quest to instate the world wide matriarchy, after all.

  • Jack

    Sitter Splintered

  • Finally someone from the area understand that protecting these fictional characters is meaningless. If you wanted to protect woman do it with the real thing, not the fictional woman ffs

  • dsadsada

    “It’s because we had the freedom to express our views and with that to express the view of a world of humans that live and die, that there are pure and wonderful things and dirty and nasty things mixed with each other.”

    This is why I enjoy Japanese media.

  • dsadsada

    There should be a list floating around somewhere if you try searching for it.

    Some of the most brutal things I’ve read that showed massive suffering on the parts of women were funnily enough drawn by female artists. Xration is probably one of the more well known ones.

  • wafle7350 .

    yep, i think the gal who made ranma-inuyasha use to do doujishis under a pseudonym before she went mainstream.

  • Kiryu

    She’s one of my favorites,love her work


  • tccboss

    Double plus good.

  • tccboss

    Funny how some of the harshest things come from women.

  • tccboss

    I could see that actually.

  • Based Kirito-sama

    I hope someone makes a thread on NeoGAF about this. I want to read the salty responses.

  • tccboss

    I’ve seen some of her stuff. Wow I didn’t that artist is a woman until now,cool.

  • Kiryu

    She’s very talented.As a regular consumer of hentai i can say she’s among the best,she also writes her own stories,funny and enjoyable to read not just fap material.

  • Zero Beat

    Dear Japan,
    Hell yeah.

  • Kiryu

    You mean Rumiko Takahashi,one of the richest persons in Japan.

  • Zero Beat

    Is this from Senran Kagura? Looks like a flashback to when Katsuragi and Ikaruga first met, but I don’t remember it from the anime or the OVA. Is it from Estival Versus? I heard they were animating cutscenes now.

  • DDD-kun

    Who says Japan isn’t direct? Wonder what Socjus’s response to being ETHER’d is gonna be.

  • Mr0303

    I’m pretty sure it’s from the anime. Episode 8 to be precise.

  • Zero Beat

    Thanks. I’ll re-watch it to make sure.

  • perfectchaos83

    Based Japanese women

  • Mr0303

    You’re welcome.

  • におに

    There’s no such thing as “weaboo” anyway. It’s just some dumb slur the chans came up with.

    If you like Japanese media and games, you’re an otaku. Plain and simple.

  • Pico

    Music to celebrate this burn to the UN

  • Jack

    Even better, Hitler Santa

  • Bronx Shogun

    “However, while you’re trying to fix the human rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

    That will happen when you have a barbaric country like Saudi Arabia as head of your fucking Human Rights Council.

    Eat shit and disband already U.N.

  • Mewshuji

    A disappointing response in that it is easily refuted by people who wish the government to have the right to encroach on freedoms. It isn’t about protecting the rights of fictional women. It’s about preventing the mindset that leads to violence towards women to propagate.

    Let’s not pretend that media is innocent in the corruption of minds. There’s a reason the ad industry exists in the first place. I mean if you can prove that the ad industry doesn’t work at all, then maybe you can start saying that no, media doesn’t effect people’s mindsets.

    Now I’m not for a ban. I’m all for artistic freedom. But a lot of people in the comments seem to act like there’s nothing harmful about works that depict rape or sexual violence in a positive light and that people who criticize such works as harmful should be silent. That’s troubling to me. It’s okay if you enjoy it (I myself enjoy Senran Kagura, which has Katsuragi trying to grope everything that moves, often non-consensually), but that so many people act like it isn’t a bad thing is … I don’t know. It makes me lose faith in humanity.

  • Waifu Engineering

    Not just in Japan, but in the West now especially in the freelance community and game development.

    And why not? You can be a bigger fish in a smaller pond, and contrary to perceptions, the hentai consuming community is actually more respectful towards artists, with “Thank you.” “Appreciate it, Maam.” Men who just fapped tend to be very docile and have no need to be internet tough guys.

  • Syndromic

    I think Kumiko Yamada deserves Pulitzer Prize for this letter alone.

  • Mewshuji

    Also why the hell is Bayonetta the picture of the article? It’s obvious they’re talking about stuff like Rapelay and rape/chikan doujinshi.

  • Aectre

    Yeah but not anymore it seems.

  • Aectre

    All you need is this one.
    >while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.

  • DDD-kun

    That’s how CLAMP got their start, really. There are loads of women all about manga. It’s just (wrong) presumption that it’s a male-dominated industry.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    In your fucking face UN

  • Vivec

    If the alligator tastes good and is cooked well I see no reason not to enjoy a delicious gator burger.

  • RamblingManIX

    Although I agree it is wrong to depict sexual violence, of any sort, in a positive light, I support Japan’s decision. As I understand it, this blanket ban would have disallowed creative minds the ability to depict those acts in a negative light as well. It almost seems as though we are discouraged to talk about sexual violence. How are we suppose to find solutions without any discussions?

  • Mewshuji

    I totally agree that banning it is the wrong decision. It should be allowed, as no one is harmed in its production. I guess my problem is that she’s not really addressing the issue here, and is more trying to make a “Gotcha!” remark, if that makes sense.

  • Clairity

    “Let’s not pretend the media is innocent in the corruption of minds.”

    Let’s not forget that Japan has a rate of rape much, much lower than that of America (almost thirty times lower, actually), despite things like Rapelay and such being produced by Japanese, for Japanese.

    Something tells me you’re pretty fucking wrong about this.

  • BlastHardCheese

    What issue? There hasn’t been a sliver of evidence that suggests that enjoying any form of media that depicts violence in a positive light makes you more likely to commit a violent act.

  • Mellow Isaac

    Japan 1
    USA 0

  • Carl619

    There are already studios that proved videogames, and media in general, don’t increase sexism. Like violence this kind of censorship has already been debunked as any logical or scientific reasoning was taken down, even lolicon avoid the bullet. If their statements where true, then why there are no proof? they only have some crazy that can be triggered with anything to support their logic.

    We have a lot of violence in TV many times in positive view, like a funny thing or the way heroes act. But violent crimes have been going down, with their reasoning that would be imposssible..

    Ad industry is an industry that tries to sell products, but ads has always been about trying to connect the product with some need like comfort or food, they can get more money like that than corrupting minds. Most action that you see in media isn’t trying to corrupt you, like

    People trying to censor media always avoid any scientific approach to the problem, is more effective to make lies that sounds goods that using logic. They need an emotional speech to support their cause.

  • Jack

    I think the score is technically Japan:1, USA: 2 :^)

  • tccboss

    And here I thought I knew manga, I did not know that about CLAMP.

  • tccboss

    I’m learning so much from this question.

  • Steven Rettig

    Just wait…thr SJWs will scream “internalized misogyny!”

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Shots fired.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Even so, with Japan’s low rape rates and the fact that many adults in Japan have given up a sex at all, the UN would have to find a correlation between rape games and rape. Good luck. Who wants to be the Jack Thompson of that fight?

  • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

    That was a massive mic drop. Get dunked on, UN.

  • DracoBorne

    Hell, kill Anita Sarkeesian and replace her with Kumiko Yamada

  • Mea K

    She doesn’t have to address the problem because it probably doesn’t exist. There are mountains of studies that couldn’t find any correlation between enjoying violent games and exhibiting violent behavior, with more cropping up every year. We can reasonably infer these findings also hold true for sexual violence, even if that hasn’t been studied seperately, because it’d be inconsistent if one kind of fictional violence impacted our behavior and another one didn’t.

    Unless you can cite trustworthy sources that say otherwise.

    Anecdotally, I routinely play these “sources of sexual violence” (heh) and have not once in my life physically hurt a woman.

  • dsadsada

    Frankly, the UN is the one proclaiming that it’s the depictions that cause real world violence. As the accusers, they need to be the ones to present proof showing the correlation to be taken seriously.

    But not only has multiple studies over several years shown that there is so little overlap between people who are violent and people who play violent video games as to be entirely negligible (Cody did an article about one of these studies the other day on this site), but studies have also shown that violence in general has gone down since video games became popular.

    I agree that the best way to stop violence of any sort is to find its roots and address them there rather than to simply react every time it happens. But all verifiable signs thus far point to anywhere else except video games. What’s more, they’re unlikely to find anything either if they tried tying violence to anime and manga considering Japan’s track record, though they’re welcome to try (I guarantee they’ll find nothing).

    The UN right now looks to be attempting to fix a leaky pipe in the basement by changing a light bulb in the attic. Such wasted time for useless actions may as well be leaving actual victims to rot since they are in no way fixing anything.

  • Toshiya K


  • Toshiya K

    Destroyed in Seconds

  • Rekt! Gotta love the Japanese, they don’t shit from anyone. Those statements are coming from a woman :D

  • Barty Jordan Androcles

    God bless this woman. Kumiko Yamada is perfect. <3

  • Cael


  • Elder Maxon #BrohoodOfSteel


  • Daryl Corey

    yeah I call myself that all the time. Since atleast 00 or 01

  • Thanatos2k

    Pretty solid stuff there. Bravo Kumiko.

  • exoduslight

    This comes from the country that censors penises and vagines from porn. America reallly got it backwards.

  • rupok

    Japanese women showing that they are a million times smarter than these idiot politicians and western feminists

  • Zala XAtha


  • anonemouse

    I think I found my new waifu.

  • grgspunk

    The invalidity of proposing a ban on Japanese manga and games that depict “sexual violence” will only be assured if those supporting such a proposal are suppressed and deterred from supporting it.

    Reason is not an effective weapon against those who place never placed value on reason to begin with.

  • Fastest in history!

  • I’ll be borrowing that for future usage :)


    You forgot this XD


    UN is confused!

  • IndigoHawk

    In a free society, people have the freedom to do whatever they want as long as it’s not hurting anything. If someone wants to limit someone else’s freedom, they must prove that the activity causes harm.

    In this case, no women are being directly harmed by portrayals of fictional women. If someone wants to restrict those portrayals, they must scientifically prove that such art indirectly hurts women. Since no such evidence exists, no one has any reason to rebut the “problem” because the problem has not been shown to exist.

  • Black_Bob

    Done and done…

  • Sergio Montserrat

    Lovely. I wish all politicians were as centered and analytical as those who produced this conclussion.

  • stalemate666

    Yay a country who still has common sense.

  • Didney Worl
  • Mloclam McCoy Nomdnih

    IT’s one of those joke were someone fucked up the correct wording and it turned out hilarious.

  • Neojames82

    This is probably….one of the most awesome things ever. This isn’t just Japan saying fuck you to the UN but this is said BY A WOMAN in a high official position. Not only did she explain it in length but also in high intelligence and logic.

    This is what I 10000% hoped for in the response from the UN and it being said by a woman?! It’s the fucking cherry on the sundae.

    Or more like:


  • VLX

    “Game, set, match”

  • Stilzkin

    Am I a franceboo if I like french cartoons?

  • Jack-O’

    “They aren’t real. Stop making a big deal out of it.”

    Fucking minorities mentality to a medium they have no claim to.

  • Admiral_Mikan

    Muchas gracias, Dai Nippon! Let the feminazi butthurt be done!

  • KlobTwit

    Can fap to the reply
    Japan is getting more fappable every second

  • Philip Weigel

    Good guy, Japan.

    Anita Sarkeesian vs Japanese game devs.

    Trust me, I wanted to call “Saint Anita” much worse, but I’m more mature than that.

  • Philip Weigel

    Thankfully the SCOTUS said “nope, this is free speech, you can’t censor it legally”

    Now if companies would just take the freaking hint and stop censoring our games.

  • Philip Weigel

    Someone get Rich (ReviewTechUSA), AlphaOmegaSin, Sargon of Akkad, MundaneMatt, tl;dr and (possibly?) Gaijin Goomba on this, stat!

  • E. Scotty

    Fuck the UN.

    They go after first-world countries where rights exist for all and people act civilized while exempting third-world shitholes where women, minorities, and different religions are tortured, murdered, and genocided because “racism”.

    Fuck the UN.

  • Mr0303

    Despite that twat Schafer Brutal Legend had its moments.

  • scemar



  • scemar



  • scemar

    The entire rebuttal is a speech worth of god tier quotes.

  • Yasmine

    Kudos to Japan, that was an excellent response.

  • Alex Drake

    Kumiko yamada. The japanese Based Mom. Both of them ever met they would slaughter all of these whiny SJW’s with a smile and logic backed by FACTS

  • Gamyeon

    Because “sex scenes” = “sex violence” CLEARLY! (¬_¬)… No seriously, shojo mangas don’t all feature rape. And if it’s just lovers having a bit of fun, I very highly doubt it would be affected by the ban (if it’s applied efficiently). So theoretically, no, the whole shojo genre (and the numerous women working in it) wouldn’t be wiped out by this ban. And if you consider sex as a whole as sexual violence, then maybe we have a bigger problem at hand.

    Also, what is the proportion of women that would be affected by the ban compared to men in the industry? It’s written the ban would affect women in the manga industry, but what percentage is it in the total amount of people affected? I feel this argument is lacking in information and just wants to guilt-trip people for not doing their job. Because the ban wouldn’t only affect women but the industry as a whole, and that includes men.

    Also “not real = do not threaten real people’s rights”? I strongly disagree. We are influenced by our environment and that includes media.

    I’m sure many of you know how we keep repeating that crazy high body standards shown in advertisements, movies, video games and the such are just horrible for a lot of people’s self-esteem towards their own body.

    Heck I think every time someone comes up with how objectified women are in video games, you can hear someone say “Well men too, you know?”. And they’re right!

    Medias influence our perception of ourselves as well as the perception of the world around us, including how we perceive others. Labelling something as “it doesn’t affect anyone” just because it’s not real is just ridiculous and very disconnected from reality. I mean, I think all of you can tell me of stuff you’ve learned from manga characters and they’re not real people! So they’ve influenced you, in a positive way. Going on with that thought what if someone were to say bad things about one of your favorite characters? You’d probably be upset. But why? That person is talking about a fictional character, who cannot be upset in return because it doesn’t exist. So whatever bad-mouthing that person would be doing shouldn’t affect you because the character will never feel bad about it (because, again, it doesn’t exist). But we still react.

    Yes, YOU might know where the line lies between reality and fiction, but not everybody does, especially not children (since they’re probably among the people that would be affected by this kind of measure). I’ve unfortunately come to learn common sense isn’t as common for everyone and we have to take that into account when dealing with controversial things such as sexual violence.

    I don’t necessarily think sexual violence should be banned altogether since it can serve a good purpose in a manga’s storyline or even be a social subject in a manga, but the arguments presented are very lacking in my perspective. Plus, cultural differences make it a very difficult topic to approach.

  • KyokoSatoshi

    UN: Hey guys, instead of fixing the real life human-rights, what about we make a topic on how to fix manga and hentai in JP

    JP: Nope, fix your real life global human rights before fixing our manga

  • Spartan CTD (Spartan432)

    need some more?

  • Spartan CTD (Spartan432)


  • Carl619

    You are mixing something that you like with the topic. You can be upset with anyone that insult your favorite author but that doesn’t mean that you are going to kill or rape someone.

    This is the topic we are talking about, the possibility of reproducing that violence in real world. We are infinitely more influence by our friends and family that we would by the media. If that were true the levels of violence would out of the world, and violence if one of our favourite topics in movies. This is similar and we had a lot of troubles with people ignoring the results of studies that proved that violence and sexism in videogames doesn’t influence us, because they don’t mind how wrong they are because they are intoxicated with moralism and that is one of the reason of repression and violence that we had in the past.


  • magicalfollower

    Love how Japan totally destroyed these SJW’s.

  • Alistair

    Sigh they don’t know when to quit do they been reading comments & I saw stupidity Of SJWs saying about The UN trying to uproot the problem & the response should have been measure.

    Example criticism of the woman that response to the UN fool hardy, & others mind fucks stupidity.

    Whatever you Spin it dress it up it a well know fact that cartoon characters can’t get hurt it doesn’t matter that real people draw them they can’t draw themselves The UN had a 100 ton bricks onto their heads & SJWs still cant deny the facts.

    Tells me they not going away soon the UN will now make a decision the ball is in their court.

    I expect nothing will come of this. Like all attempts to get video games banned.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Anita, Anita is that you?

  • Rautaputki

    Based Japan.

  • Ero-Sennin

    Hell yes!, and they don’t do just yaoi either.

  • Ero-Sennin

    >Kumiko Yamada used her Logic Uppercut on the UN.

  • Alex Drake

    Could you be any more full of shit?

  • Gavin Grant

    When conservative Japan is more pro-freedom of expression than the, supposedly liberal, West…

  • Alistair

    Hmmm I question that logic you said we know the line but children can’t not don’t belive that for 1 second they smart enough or are you calling them thick?

    But again if they children why would they want to see HENTAI or Ecchi games manga etc that you find unfit. First they should not play these or watch them as its for adults & second we got Age rating body that rate games & the most lewd like senran gets a 16.

    So it doesn’t need busybodys SJWs to tell the rating boards what to do.

    You cant deny the facts that UN got its arse kick & you lot can’t take it spin it all you want dress it up doesn’t change sqat. ?

  • Dom The Elegy

    Meanwhile at the UN

  • Aken Bosch

    What works would you recomend, for starters?

  • Jorge Tavani


  • iShoSmart

    they should focus on the sexual exploits of high school girls, saw a short video on youtube called School Girls for Sale

  • Arcliff7

    Hahahahaha, burn.

  • Feniks

    Japan is a sovereign nation. The only people who decide what Japanese culture is are the Japanese themselves.

    SJW have outed themselves as imperialists who want to tell the natives how they should live. Well the natives aren’t having any of it.

  • Feniks
  • Reaper of Salt

    Holy shit! So many TRUTH BOMBS! What it’s worth I’m proud of you Japan. Thank jeebus for not giving into the pressure made up by the neo-puritan swine over here in the West. So kudos and congrats.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    “However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

    And there you have it UN, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    Adding to the smug anime girl spirit bomb.

  • Grey

    Sadly that only applies in the legal sense. The court of public opinion is still free to drag your name through the fetid, muddy trenches of social media and journalist rags, doing all they can to destroy your life and reputation if they don’t approve of your taste in wank material or anything else.

    To say nothing about the legally shady efforts to charge you with so you can be punished for your moral sins (see cases like filth peddler Max Little getting an excessively harsh penalty for a fairly innocuous crime).

  • Leandro Teixeira

    Peacekeepers my ass. the only thing they do is to see problem where they don’t exist, also, they are a mere organization, they have no power over other countries rules and laws, and in this case, culture. Best thing we learned here is how different the japanese see things and that they will not fall to peer pressure

  • Alistair

    I may as well join the smug train.

    HIGH Impact Sexuals without the violence.

  • Edison Tamayo

    Here’s a supposed list of female hentai artists from hentairules (one of them also doubles as a porn star):


    Akari Tsutsumi

    Akatsuki Myuuto

    Akiko Fujii


    Amanagi Seiji

    Aoi Nanase

    Aoi Nishimata

    Araki Kanao

    Azuma Tesshin

    Azuma Yuki (She’s cute !)




    Digital Lover


    Doi Sakazaki (AKA Tenkla)


    Haru Wamusato

    Harumi Chihiro

    Hiro Suzuhara

    Hisakawa Chin


    Hinahara Emi

    Hiyoko Kobayashi


    Igumo Kusu

    Inomoto Rikako

    Isami Nozomi

    Ishikei (AKA Nise Midi Doronokai)

    Itou Ei

    James Hotate


    Kahori Onozucca

    Kaitou Pink (SHE EVEN STARS IN PORN ! Yeah, JAV ! For instance : #1, #2, #3, #4)

    Kamiya Zuzu

    Kanako Meiji

    Kanna Tenzaki

    Kantamaki Yui



    Kiyomiya Ryou

    Kizuki Aruchu (she’s drawing for the Udon-Ya circle, in which her husband Zan does the writing)

    Kuon Michiyoshi

    Maya Miyazaki


    Miray Ozaki

    Miura Yasuto

    Miyazaki Maya


    Momoro Manjiru

    Nadeara Bukichi


    Nanase Meruchi


    Noizi Ito

    Ohkami Ryousuke

    Okada Kou

    Ootsuka Reika

    Oshita Towa

    Pleco (AKA Chikiko)

    Pon Takahanada



    Rikako Inomoto

    Ryoumoto Hatsumi


    Satsuki-doh (AKA Juri Miyabi)

    Sayori (AKA Neko Works)

    Sekiya Asami


    Shimaji (AKA Cannabis)

    Shinonome Ryu

    Shirota Kurota

    Shiwasu No Okina (not entirely official, but strong suspicions)

    Shouno Kotarou


    Sumeragi Kohaku

    Suzudama Renri


    Ttsubakiya Meguru


    Ureshino Megumi



    Wakako Kotono

    Yanagawa Rio

    Yonekura Kengo

    Yuuki Ryoh

    Yuzuki N Dash (a total beauty, incidentally)


  • Edison Tamayo

    Also, adding Takenae Kyourin who is a little sister who draws little sister H-manga.

  • squadala

    daaaammmn they put UN on the grill and roasted in seconds talk about people who knows the difference between 2D and 3D. UN is fricking implying that the sexual mangas are being implied to real women ffs.LMAO THERE WERE NO SURVIVORS UN WAS COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED!

  • Edison Tamayo


  • Zanard Bell

    They should prosecute Ms. Yamada for war crimes, then. For that massive burn she inflicted on the collective pansy-asses of UN.

  • Zanard Bell


  • Sentsuizan_93

    “…However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

    Jesus Christ, Japan. At least lay down a trigger warning when you nuke a narrative this hard.

  • Mellow Isaac

    I made it zero on purpose, expecting this comment

  • Jackal Wolfenheart

    “while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”


  • Jackal Wolfenheart

    holy hell that’s some sweet list
    hats off to ya man

  • tccboss

    Oh I know about the artist who double as the porn star. That’s pretty neato.

  • Kiryu

    Overall or just female artists?

  • wererat42

    Some of the most hardcore porn manga are drawn by (gasp!) women.

  • Softclocks

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Bill

    Isn’t it enough that a citizen’s own Government is trying to tell them how to think and what to say, now a group of outside nations wants to tell the country what art, literature and games to produce.

  • Izzy Lichi

    epic victory. fuck feminism and SJW

  • Aken Bosch

    Overall and the artist you were talking about.

  • Shippoyasha

    Remain based!

    This really ought to be common knowledge. But too bad demagogues have took over the mainstream discourse. It is so satisfying to hear some sanity for once.

  • The MadKitten

    sexual violence against women …
    Fucking Christ … Then what about sexual violence against men ?
    Cant we just ban sexual violence ? … Oh wait …

  • Anton Borglund

    The very first stated reason should had been enough to tell the UN to fuck off.

  • Obbliglol

    That is an absolutely bloody beautiful response. Nail on the head etc. For once, SJWs reading this, maybe listen to what the ladies who specialize in these fields (and their consumers) actually think on the matter?

    Now excuse me whilst I engage in more internalized misogyny, Megadimension Neptunia ain’t gonna play itself :^)

  • KefkaFollower

    This never gets old.

  • Kazkari

    I like how they are more fussed on this than the general sexulisation of kids in Japan.

    I also like this quote because its true: “There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

  • Mr.Sixes
  • Mr.Sixes

    Japan is on top of it

  • Mr.Sixes


  • Ultima IX


  • This case is closed. So happy Japan put their foot down on this crap. Hopefully the UN will get the message now.

  • Risu

    Kiyohiko Azuma, the guy who wrote azumanga daioh and yotsuba& started out doing work with a hentai doujin circle in collage…

  • MeltzStein

    Yes, but there have been some cases where people were arrested for such things. There was this case in Canada a while ago that resulted in the guy being registered as a sex offender for 10 years.

  • Kyanoki

    I like the Japanese representatives.

  • MeltzStein

    Queue MLG music MOM GET THE CAMERA! Let the money rain! Cuntfirmed Kill!

  • Tyler Simpson

    Tell em again!

  • Ken Kaneki

    The UN got rekt, daaaaamnn Kumiko Yamada, back at it again with the burning responses

  • discussser

    Did the SJW scum who work for the UN not realize that Japan has shitloads of comics that are made and enjoyed by women?

  • tefand luigi

    this is fantastic

  • Nightfall

    UN… Do you need some lotion for that burn?

  • Monty AlKanzy

    “while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot”

    Based Nippon

  • Guys, I wouldn’t bother with this one. You act high and mighty, yet you frequent nightlife and beauty products/tips websites, not to mention… Canada.

    That high horse you rode in on, turn that shit around and fuck outta here with that bullshit.

  • Magi-the_hunter_of_the_Sins

    common sense in general is a rare super power that only the most insane people can get.

  • thatguyEZ

    Fucking slaughtered.

  • dusknight

    Kumiko Yamada’s so based. I will name my Angewomon after her.

  • Dawn Blast

    Wow. They are gonna need the Burning Rangers to put them out.

  • Graye Ira

    quote from the anime man himself
    – TheAn!meManFebruary2016

  • “[…] you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot”
    Please give a train of medals to Kumiko Yamada.

  • C G Saturation

    Exactly. I’ve also been pointing out many, if not all of these things, including the fact that there are plenty of female mangaka who would be negatively affected by banning their livelihoods.

    This all goes to show how stupid and simple-minded the people calling for censorship and “female progression” are. It is really just “regression”.

  • Chaotic Anime

    That read felt so GOOD!. I think i almost came, The UN fucked up patronizing and messing with Japanese women. More than that fucking with another countries culture they know nothing about, I am refreshed to hear that the Japanese have a pair of balls made of Diamond and bit back at the United Bully Nations with hydrogen bomb!.

  • Otaku Goddess

    This whole article is just full of logic and BURN

  • Nik

    And watch me burn

    I won’t let it show that I’m not always flying

    So on the way down

    *throws ice everywhere*

    overreacting much?

  • Deadagent

    I want this woman as the leader of the earth asap. Shes the only one making any fucking sense.

  • AnimeLover

    It’s made up look at things that matter for once u stupid UN just please if u get rid of Anime and Magna I will never forgive u and I will find u and I will force u to bring it back cuz it’s not fair on everyone else. Women even make these Sexual games and just shut up UN you clearly don’t know anything about anime and manga

  • Elegy Mills

    Drop the fucking mic! You win! :D
    Suck it, Sarkeesian/Wu!

  • KeyOfTheTwilight .

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • KeyOfTheTwilight .

    The West should learn a thing or two from Japan and this lady.

    Instead of getting offended by every single thing and attempt to censor everything for oh poor sweet little Timmy! They need to learn the actual lesson of life and embrace and accept the good and the bad.

    Like what she said:

    As well, in Japan, the entire reason we have a media genre such as
    manga that developed to take on themes such as the sexual exploitation
    of women came from an attitude to tolerate “drinking the pure and the
    dirty without prejudice.” It’s because we had the freedom to express our
    views and with that to express the view of a world of humans that live
    and die, that there are pure and wonderful things and dirty and nasty
    things mixed with each other.

    Haha. I love this one.

  • Cutthemac

    Too bad Americans aren’t this smart…

  • Elegy Mills

    Oh, lots of us are. We’re just stuck dealing with the ultra-PC crowd who can’t handle reality and who have way too much say in our politics.

  • Joshua Vang

    Awesome, UN got burned. Sadly, I’m not a Hentai fan myself (just Anime/Manga in General), but I respect and adore the cause of UN losing the debate by the represented creators of Hentai (Japanese culture). Good job Kumiko Yamada!

  • MichiganerE

    Oh trust me, as an American, I despise SJWs and political correctness.

  • Sòsuke Aizen

    In other words UN..

  • silver_wolf01

    Get rent UN. Now go fix our actual problems!

  • Doddler

    To play the devil’s advocate here, I’m absolutely certain that they would argue against this by saying that sexual violence in media, even fictional media, normalizes violence against women and reinforces stereotypical view of the role of women to those who would be more likely to commit violence. Though I fully disagree with this statement, it’s the one they use in the US and Canada, somewhat successfully, to force through silly regulation against pornography.

  • Raidens

    It seems rape culture is real. Here I see one culture rape another one.

  • mdb

    This was actually a weak refutation. One has to consider that culture, including fiction, does have repercussions in the real world. A culture that normalizes or fetishizes violence will be more prone to violence, it’s logical. So saying “There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence.” doesn’t really refute anything. The biggest problem with this suggestion is its hypocrisy. Western pop culture is filled with violence against women, yet depiction of consensual sex is heavily censored and casual swearing during prime time is still shocking. The sheer volume of japanese manga, anime and video games being produced just makes this media so broad it’s silly to even try to regulate it.

  • Mr.Sixes

    *Up votes….sees you up voted yourself*

  • TheManWithPants

    Japan drops the fucking mic!

  • Histirea

    This actually is not a problem with courts. It’s the ESRB and PEGI rating boards, and how they rate games. No major gaming platform (Steam, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) will accept an Adult Only rating. Period. And sexuality is the biggest offender to the ESRB.

    The only exception was Hatred, and even that was temporarily removed from Steam Greenlight.

    So even though the CERO (Japanese rating board) would be fine with it, the ESRB or PEGI may not be, and companies have to self-censor just to not essentially have the game banned everywhere else.

  • 日本人 じゃない

    *slow clap* that’s how it’s done. I praise you Yamada Kumiko, you just rekt the UN.

    thanks for brining me here Joey!

  • UN get 360Noscope420blazeItRektRektRektXXXXXFAZZZEEXXXX
    You never solved problems and YOU NEVER FUCKING WILL!

  • UN . Just stop trying ok….you never solve problems you never fucking will.

    OF all the things you could be doing in this fucking world this was utterly pathetic . When will you ever learn that we the fucking people have brains and we LAY OUT THE FUCKING FACTS .

    Yamada Kumiko IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE!

    You are NOT FUCKING protecting women’s rights and nor are you protecting this world from it’s problems .

    The day you actually realize it , is the day where your level of stupidity could actually be lowered !

    If not DISBAND YOUR STUPID Foundation that you’ve laid cause we clearly don’t need you !

  • 1039502049

    or sphincter splintered!

  • 1039502049

    fucking rekt.

  • minmod

    I love the hell out of this.

  • I am your dad

    Who else came here from the anime mans video :3

  • ImperialFists


  • Gamyeon

    Thank you for your reply! I’ve been discussing it with a friend who shared the article with me and I’ve come to see there are some things I’ve missed. I just think that saying those kind of scenes don’t influence us, human beings, at all, is a bit… precipitated. Also the fact that I see so many people who are… not as clear-minded as others? But then, the Internet is a terrible place to judge of that (although in my opinion the place and whatever anonymity right you’re given shouldn’t influence wether you act like a decent person or not).

    Once again, thank you for your composed and explicative comment =). I really appreciate it.

  • Gamyeon

    Might I ask what the websites I frequent and my nationality have to do with the topic at hand? Also, the websites I comment on with Disqus aren’t necessarily representative of my whole hobbies and interests (^_-).

  • Gamyeon

    I was talking of sexual violence as a whole, which I do not think may only appear in Ecchi and Hentai. You are right that they shouldn’t be viewing any material containing it in the first place, as their parents should be responsible enough to manage that and the people selling games should also tell a kid if the game is not appropriate for their age. I just thought I’d mention that unfortunately it isn’t always the case =/.

    You started your argument well, unfortunately the ending was a bit sour. Guessing my intentions isn’t really adding to the conversation in my opinion and although I’ve come to understand the validity of the first argument, the second one seems absolutely empty to me. But let’s not continue debating if that’s not your wish =).

  • Gamyeon

    Could you be anymore irrelevant?

    But to answer your question: I guess if I ate more I would be at some point. Also, not going for a poop during numerous days would probably make me more full of shit, realistically speaking.

  • Gamyeon

    Who? o.0

  • Kaboom


    Is what I have to say to your comment.

  • Alistair

    You don’t see Ecchi & Hental as sexual violence well not every one is but that censored criminal girls that NISA self censored. it try to get lower rating for EU & stop getting AO
    in America.

    in the end that fail to get a lower rating PEGI still give it a higher rating 18 & put it as sexual violence if UN have pass this that be 1st on that banned list as for Hental PEGI would rate that too if they see any that is & some HENTAI certain have sexual violence called testicel rape by monsters Japanese loves those more in anime.

    As for the last bit you think Pressure groups lobbyists & that what SJWs are dictate to others that empty to you okay check.

  • アニメオタク六十二

    Japan, good job. It’s nice to see that you can totally annihilate anything that comes your way.

  • Alùcard Impàlèr

    I’m just gonna leave this here…


  • Sylveria Shini

    You’re reciting Anita Sarkeesian rhetoric word for word, I wondered if this was some sort of side account of her’s.

  • Sylveria Shini

    “A culture that normalizes or fetishizes violence will be more prone to violence, it’s logical.”

    Moon logic maybe because every single study ever done has demonstrated that violence in fiction does not cause people to be more violent in their day to day life with the exceptions of those who have other underlying psychological issues.

  • Alex Drake

    Logical and yet no research ever confirmed it to be true. Get the fuck outta town

  • Alistair

    Here a screenshot that proves the game did contain sexual violence removing the voices adding more Fog that tries to be less offensive backfire because it still end up getting a PEGI1-18.

    If the game was uncensored it would still be PEGI-18 & not any lower.

    Of course PC doesn’t have to use PEGI & ESRB ?

  • Gamyeon

    Is it just me or you had trouble with the writing this time around?

    Because I didn’t understand anything in that last paragraph. For the rest, I never said I ever was for the ban. I just found the arguments of the Japanese representative to be unfit (at least for one of the two).

    Also, what is AO (“it try to get lower rating for EU & stop getting AO in America.”)?

    Ecchi and hentai CAN contain sexual violence, but the whole genre doesn’t as a general rule. Of course the biggest factor that the UN should take into consideration before making a decision is the whole cultural factor, which can be quite a big chunk to take on since respecting cultures is something we should try doing, but then not all cultural values are good in the long run. Should there be a study on the influence of the hentai genre, it should be made on the Japanese population more than anything else. Because I think studying the real impact of it on the people who consume it the most would be important.

  • jinko.lim

    i think that is doesn’t make sense too … and also these manga’s or video games are made to not do it in real life … and actually people will not do it … beacuse people will not hurt each other .. unless they are sick or something like that , and also it will be useless beacuse people will get bored , people who enjoyed this , they’ll miss it , and wish to see it again or read it , and people actually have fun with it , and i’m really sure it doesn’t have any connection with something that is in reality and animation , beacuse what is there is not in here , we like to make our dreams there , and show some facts that might happen in here , but it won’t , why? , beacuse we know what is the feeling that you will get if this happens to you it’s gross , which people will really and really and really won’t do , i hope they not aprove on this agrement , and i wish they won’t , beacuse you are stoping sometning that we found that is fun , and creative , and show or talent of making , drawing , making new ideas , so please every fan of everybody who is aginse this , please support us , let us show them that this doesn’t make sense .
    thank you for reading this , and please support us.

  • Alistair

    No it’s just you everybody knows what AO you don’t see it often enough AO – Adult only & AO Is ESRB.

    & lower rating is meaning PEGI. SO let me say it again.

    NISA self censored criminal girls to make it less offensive so to get a lower rating for them in the end it still up with the highest rating if uncensored it would still get a highest rating so it mooted point.

    That Japanese rep is not unfit what is unfit is the UN they focus on cartoon fictional characters, what should be concern & rightly so is real women issues.

    The UN foces more with fictional characters while real women losing they heads & flogged & stone is a non issue oh please think of fictional characters.

    & you say that Japanese rep is unfit that speak volumes tells me you are one of them because you keep spinning & spinning looking for flaws in my post UN got flaws alright show me proof then that cartoon characters got feelings & those feelings trigger other feelings in people but wait study after study over the years proves Nothing.

  • Alistair

    You are right there people don’t need manga & video games to cause harm on other people history tells you that let play that devil avacate again.

    Let suppose video games is BANNED or VIDEO GAMES never been inverted would we see a drop in crime against women against men No

    So the idea that video games is the root of the problem is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

  • jinko.lim

    thank you for the support @alistair

  • Alistair

    Your welcome ?

  • Alistair

    When is UN gonna speak again on the issue rised I know it sometime in March & got a link to that stream.

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    OH MY GOD.

  • Bi En Ross

    Yes, we need to protect our future generations so that they can also experience and see or use this magnificent creations.

  • Chomag

    Another dodged swing at the freedoms of expression and thought.

    I gotta tell you, though, at the rate this shit piles up nowadays with the SJW and the feminazi crowd, I’m not sure we’ll be able to always avert them. Sooner or later something will get through.

  • Jorge Tavani

    welll played japan well played you do it right and… enjoy your endless despair UN

  • Alistair

    It’s not over yet the cancer spread on UK now with I shall now called the TRIGGER CHATER.

    New consolation for up-coming internet trolls laws it would be a offence if persons crate mutil account to scare embarrassed even Alarm some-one like rape & death threats, and revenge porn.

    I’m cool with above but it goes further & that I won’t stand it also covers any one that post indecent images, offensive etc etc so if I post a ecchi semi naked cartoon loli etc I could be prosecuted talk about attack of freedom of expression especially if people post pics to prove a point of evidence how esle would you dispute the argument with-out proof.

  • Zanard Bell

    Vigilance is the key.

  • Carl619

    Think that our media is heavily influenced by violence. Even though people love explosions and action violent crimes descended, while violent crimes have more coveraged from news, it wouldn’t be possible if people doesn’t separate fiction from real world. We cannot limit us because someone might be triggered to do something because they saw it in TV, because that kind of people can be triggered with anything.

    How many studies showed that there is no correlation between violence and videogames, now they are with sexism but for example in the last study made


    How it is possible then to make laws to censor sexual violence when there are no proofs that it would really help to reduce violence.

  • Gaming4RealLife

    OMG, what a fantastic response.

  • Callan Elliott

    Japan, I never thought I’d say this; you are the last bastion of sanity in this world

  • “I’m sure many of you know how we keep repeating that crazy high body standards shown in advertisements, movies, video games and the such are just horrible for a lot of people’s self-esteem towards their own body.”

    And yet you go to Michelle Phan makeup tips.

    But I digress. Since you’ve been nice to the people that’ve replied thus far, I’ll give you an actual reply. (To be frank I really haven’t had good experiences with outsiders coming here. You’re one of the few that looks to actually want to have a discussion. So I apologize).

    I come from an artist background, mostly leaning on the erotic side, so I got some things to say.

    Now, about the perception of media influencing the lives of people. I’d like to think that, in a way, the most common way media can influence us and reflect that into our everyday lives is if: 1) there’s a positive message behind it, and/or 2) The negative message is a lesson on what NOT to do in real life. This goes hand-in-hand with how one is tuaght on how to act at an early age. A localizer for XSEED Games once said, paraphrasing (I wish I had the image on hand now), that exploring the uncomfortable, the revolting, the taboo, and even the illegal, in the form of creative mediums like books, movies, video games, can be cathartic, relieve stress, satiate curiosity, and even aid in crime prevention. I’ll use myself as an example. I live in New York, and taking the bus is hell. It’s not uncommon for me to exit the bus wanting to suplex every motherfucker in there. But once I come home, I just pop in a game, and ahh, I’m not angry anymore.

    In Japan, with as common and available are eroge (Erotic games) are, the rape statistics are very low. So rather than someone trying violently rape someone in real life, they do it in a game, releasing any urges or frustrations they might have.

    Now, in the case of those really wanting to act out what they see in creative mediums, like violent rapes and mass shootings, the mentality of that person was already compromised beforehand. Same goes if their upbringing wasn’t quite up to snuff. Therefore, it would be unfair to lay blame on the artists. If we were to worry constantly about how people would react and possibly act out after seeing what we create, it would cause a chilling effect that would make us afraid to even do anything. Likewise, we prefer if children did not see what we do. In the end though, try as we might, we can’t stop them. All we ask is for parents to be the best parents they can be and not blame us, or at least TEACH their children the difference between fiction and reality.

    As for expectations “cultivated” by media, that’s all on the one consuming the media, and it’s up to the consumer to absorb and reject what they see and apply to real life. I could use body image as an example, but I find it easier use our interests and hobbies instead. So, for example, you might absorb what you like and don’t like from Michelle Phan, taking in the good makeup tips while reject the ones that just plain suck. Or like me, I do artwork. So I’ll, for example, learn from artstyles like those of Hyung Tae Kim and Frank Cho, while rejecting the ones from Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go. We have different ideas of what is beautiful and what is ugly. And try as we might to accept everything as beautiful, there’s going to be something that, innately, is just revolting.

    Moving to real life, let’s look at something like… Urotsukidouji (aka Legend of the Overfiend). This was the originator of the Tentacle Porn genre of Hentai, with its creator, Toshio Maeda, being seen as a pioneer, and rightly so. When one looks at his work, one may think that anyone who reads and like his work would want to rape and torture women. But it doesn’t happen, it’s fiction (and far beyond the realm of reality). Anyone that does take after his work and goes and rapes someone was already too fucked in the head to save, with the only salvation being jail time or a bullet to the head (and balls). Now for a real life example, the best example I can think of is one that MANY, including I, have rejected. You might’ve heard of someone by the name of Roosh V. The dude’s a jackass of the highest degree, the kind of slimeball pick-up-artist that will make you hate pick-up-artists (or hate more). So in a sense, he’s in the creative field (making videos/articles/etc.). He said, at one point, that “legalizing rape would stop rape.” And he said this about REAL PEOPLE. We did a collective “WHAT!?”, and rejected him.

    I’ll wrap this up with the Comics Code Authority. When Kumiko says that a ban would affect women, she ain’t kidding (and they really do make up half the industry, and some demographics do crossover, like the HUGE female audience for One Piece, a boys’ manga). The closest example of the negative affects of a ban is with the Comics Code Authority, which was appointed in 1954 (and just recently abolished in its entirety).


    The code was made in reaction to a report by Fredric Wertham called “Seduction of the Innocent”, where he presented almost the same arguments as the UN (just replace “women” with “juvenile delinquency”), stating that the actions performed in comics would lead to real-life violence and delinquency (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seduction_of_the_Innocent). It didn’t help that Congress was probing the industry about this sort of thing at the same time. So the CCA was established (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comics_Code_Authority). All comics had abide by the rules the CCA put in place. There were even some rules that might sound familiar to today’s arguments, like:

    -“Suggestive and salacious illustration or suggestive posture is unacceptable”
    -“All characters shall be depicted in dress reasonably acceptable to society”
    -“Females shall be drawn realistically without exaggeration of any physical qualities”
    -“Seduction and rape shall never be shown or suggested.

    On top of following the rules, comics were required to have that CCA sticker on it. If it didn’t, it couldn’t be sold, or else the maker paid a hefty fine. The results: Many comics ended up shutting down, reprints were censored, anything deemed offensive and against the rules was erased RIGHT THERE (so you can tell how painful it would be to see the censor, right in their face, take an eraser or black marker to the artists’ work), creativity in both art and story suffered, profits dropped like a rock, and some comics like MAD reclassified themselves as “magazines” to avoid the Code. Anyone else that wanted to avoid the Code sold their books underground, though notoriety and profits were absolutely pitiful compared to the pre-Code days. Since then, certain rules from the CCA were relaxed little by little until its eventual abandonment in 2011 (though it was already a useless entity by the 1980s).

    Hopefully it didn’t sound like I was rambling. Again, sorry for the lash out back there. If there’s anything you need me to clarify or address, bring ’em up.

  • DKn

    The only man?

  • Ironic, Isn’t it? Certain staff members in the U.N. are trying to regulate how Japan produces and distributes its manga (in terms of Hentai, anyway) all for the sake of “protecting women and children” and yet, we have members of that exact same staff looking up pictures and other imagery of child abuse while they’re on the clock (possibly).

    How exactly are we in the U.S. supposed to take them seriously as a governing body, again?

    More importantly, why?

  • ranran

    Many japanese woman loves boys love manga.
    Banning of manga that depict sexual violence against men?
    PLZ NO!

  • ranran

    a japanese politician Criticize boyslove manga.its unethical.
    japanese woman make a manga that politican make love with
    his rival politician (boys love manga).

  • Gamyeon

    I was actually referring to this paragraph when I meant I didn’t understand it: “As for the last bit you think Pressure groups lobbyists & that what SJWs are dictate to others that empty to you okay check.”

    But thanks for explaining AO to me =). True I’m to much of an expert in terminology of ratings. In my head that would’ve been an M rating (for Mature, which, if I’m not wrong, is 18+).

    Now for the remain of the argument:

    – I did not say the representative herself was unfit more than her arguments had flaws (the second reason on women in the industry mostly in my opinion).

    – Who are you referring to by “tells me you are one of them”? Because for all I know, I’m not part of any group nor was I forced to write my original comment (because the gods know I was aware of what a turmoil it might cause).

    – Maybe I was wrong, but I thought the issue of the ban didn’t necessarily exclude real women from having their issues discussed and I agree their issues are more important. But that doesn’t mean the question of media representation affecting those issues can’t be asked. I’ve had my doubts and I’ve been explained by people how the argument made little sense for now and I understand it. But for the question to be raised should not be shun. Because not everybody can understand a cultural difference at first glance. Like some people don’t get how graphical sex cannot make people into sexual offenders other people don’t understand how others eat insects daily without puking all the time.

    But yes, real women issues are more important than fictional ones, even if in this case it’s more how those characters influence real-world behaviour (so nothing to do with their feelings, really. Maybe I trusted the UN to be able to have multiple debates at a time, but I just feel they probably didn’t spend weeks and months talking about this only.

    – I never wrote the UN was spotless. My reaction is to the article and my first impression of it. I did not do hours of research on both the UN and the Japanese representative nor on the duration of the case at hand and its full details.

    My goal in writing a comment was to open a conversation and it’s awesome if people can prove me wrong with facts and make me change my mind. I do not pretend to master this subject nor to know everything about so if you can educate me and broaden my horizons, please do and I’m glad to take the information in.

  • Gamyeon

    Sorry no ^^;. I’ve heard about her, but I’ve no idea what she speaks of exactly. So no, I’m probably just one more person that needs explanations =). No seriously, if I got something wrong, correct me. I’m not being sarcastic. EDUCATE ME!!! <— Because people don't seem to understand I'm not here to wage war on them.

  • Alistair

    I just spell it out Bluntly there no Need to discuss it period by the UN it makes them look silly you also didn’t know about double standards at the UN the one that pushing for this the staff were caught with “real child porn”

    So they hypocrites wanting a banned the myth about you mistreatment of cartoon characters carry over with mistreated with people doesn’t wash. how many study’s & waste of money should there be before pressure groups get it in their skulls that it’s pointless. Maybe they holding out for that golden bullet & get what they wanted.

    If the UN want to save women feelings look towards the Middle East first & not look like a tit forces more on video-games, Manga, comics etc etc.

  • Jack Omally

    This is great news. With this and the german study, it should slowly be obvious that along with violence, sexulization does not fuck up people when it’s introduced into video games.

  • Gamyeon

    Thank you for the information! It was really interesting and educative =). That last part is familiar and made me think of a manga that talks a lot about censorship called Poison City by Tetsuya Tsutsui (a mangaka who has made a lot of mangas on social issues).

    I think I might have thought more about regulations on the thing as a whole more than a ban altogether, but I realize the problem, although involving medias such as games, mangas and such, might not find its source nor its solution in those same medias.

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    The main issue is they get public support by framing it in a way that makes it utterly black and white, instead of gray, like the issue actually is in regards to fictions.

  • dxna.otaku -chan

    *drops the mic* HA UN TAKE THAT U JUST GOT BURNED

  • Juan Hernandez

    Today let it be known on this day Japan dropped a nuke on UN. Japan uses Sword of Logic very effective. UN has been slain.

  • Anime-NoireChan

    Well this is a good news to the Anime culture..
    I love how she said this fascinating quote:
    ” while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”
    Feminazis and SJWs are gonna pwned their ass out.

  • AnimeLover

    Un Rekt XD

  • bl4z3w33dm9


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    Beautiful!!!!! …but useless. UN won’t shut up cuz UN is always right.

  • Draycko

    Holy freaking crap! That was awesome! About time the UN got a good slap to the face.

  • Draycko

    I’ve heard that argument before, too. It’s stupid. Violence against woman is pretty much always shown in a negative light, so to say such depictions normalize violence against woman does not make sense to me. Violence against men, on the other hand…

  • Seansong1

    Thank you based Japan

  • lpchaim

    There’s also that prequel manga about both of them in their junior Shinobi years, which this scene might be based on. Its name escapes me right now but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Didn’t finish the anime so I can’t tell.
    Also, I wonder if this tried to justify Kat’s trademark generous cleavage, if that can even be called that I suppose haha.

  • Jay

    Look mom, that guy that committed sexual violence is now hated by all the other cool characters and is shown to be weak minded and evil.
    Boy do I want to be like him when I grow up.

  • Najimi Ajimu

    Dayum! UN just got

  • Jalal Khan

    This is 1 way of starting of starting WW3 dropping a bomb on the UN

  • Carl619

    Prepare, tomorrow it is the fated day where they will announce what will suggest to governments to do about videogames that they won’t listen to.

  • Micheal Quimpo

    So basically she representing japan just gave the UN the finger telling them to fuck off?

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    Don’t forget Carnelian! :)

  • I can say that, this is a burning answer to UN :v

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    This is brilliant! Japan is my favorite country right now :D Why are all the other modern countries so dense? :p

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    “Dude, you can see that burn from space.”

    xD ohmy.

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    Go Kumiko Chaaaaaaaan!

  • Hiroshima was one of the cities, not one of the atomic bombs…

  • UN JUST GOT REKT!!!!!!!!

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    Doesn’t that make it better? :) Pretty sure dropping a city on the UN is more destructive than a nuke. It’s freaking Age of Ultron.

  • I mean you are right… Also Megumin best wifu of winter.

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    Megumin = best girl

  • I should of added this earlier, but oh well. Listen to this while watching it.https://youtu.be/r2CwXbXuClc

  • Too Many Cooks

    Japan already has “silly” regulation against pornography. They don’t allow genitals to be depicted for the purpose of titillation, even in no-name doujinshi. They just happened to draw the line at violence against women.

  • Late reply but… wait, Ishikei’s female!? (Also Kanyapi!?)

    The only one I know is pinvise. (Forgot her actual name.)

  • Nejove

    Honestly, I find that it becomes most obvious how absurd that argument is when you extend that line of thought beyond just sexual violence and sexism. That’s like saying that fictional media can never depict things that are morally unacceptable or allow criminals, villains, or other perpetrators of immoral acts to express their viewpoints, motives, or prejudices. After all, it clearly must normalize their misdeeds and lead consumers to commit them themselves, right?

    Let’s take Law and Order off the air, because they have murderers, rapists, bigots, and other such people committing realistic, easy-to-imitate crimes every episode, and we don’t want those already inclined toward being murderers, rapists, and bigots to take their examples and commit actual crimes. No more black criminals in the media because we don’t want to reinforce the stereotype that black people are inclined toward crime. Someone like James Bond can’t be a hero who the audience relates to or views positively because he kills people. And clearly Harry Potter is unacceptable because you have Voldemort, who is a mass murderer with a deep hatred of Muggles, even if neither Muggles nor death curses exist in real life.

    What meaningful distinction is there that makes prohibiting fictional violence against women any less absurd? Do people suddenly become unable to separate fiction from reality and become slaves to the media as soon as you introduce sexuality and gender into the equation? No amount of sex hormones is THAT powerful.

    (Wow, I followed a link in another comment section to this article and ended up leaving this here. This Internet rabbit hole has gone WAY too deep. I need to get to bed…)

  • Oh hi Mark!

    Was Japan trigger warned when it was nuked in real life?

  • pablito

    This has caught my attention

  • J. Long

    I do not think the Japanese have any sort of agency in the public realm to say something this fierce. The statement being translated is:

    The entire passage is actually very (Japanese-y) polite, and is more accurately:
    “However, in the time you have been dealing with the rights of fictional people, in reality you ended up leaving the rights of real women on the sidelines.”

    There is room for “left to rot”, yes, but this is the translator’s opinion, not the original speaker’s. So… maybe don’t celebrate too early. It is a burn, but a polite one.

  • Japan: “This stuff doesn’t actually exist, you know…”

    United Nations: “WHAT?!”


  • Pak Tv Serials

    Japan finally dropped their own nuclear bomb on the UN
    The burn is too great

  • Woah

  • Guest

    Apparently, it seems like the sexually misguided/undereducated People seem to go fanatic about the clause that ” while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.” Trying to fix the sexual violence in manga doesn’t mean that they have no time to work out with women suffering from “real world”. UN have multiple bodies to take care of different world issues and this is one of their legitimate concerns. The sentence quoted above was given as a well-put excuse for Japan to evade the situation and pressures in a very articulate way. Also, it categorized the problematic figures into two separate bodies: the fictional and the real. It already assumed that fictional protagonists are not real.

    A character, like it is said, is given a “character.” It represents humans. Even dolls represent humans. They are given a certain persona as it is created. The representation, or simulation does hold meanings. It reflects our thoughts, perceptions and intentions. Although they don’t exist as a “living person”, they DO exist in front of us as a visible form, a visual being. Supporters of mangas with violent contents always justify their abusive leisure by mentioning that “Well, it’s not real!” Seriously, what’s the standard of reality? In this age of information, online sites do count as part of our lives. No mention to the magazines, video games and other printouts.

    What we see always influences us. What we see affects our thoughts as well. Depicting millions of girls and women as sex toys and slaves in a humiliating way plays a role in forming a mindset, especially to youngsters. Environment plays a lot to raise a person. Even if you maintain that there’s no problem because we are aware of women’s rights and have reasons enough to control ourselves, there still is a problem-that it is not 100% guaranteed. If there’s no problem, then why are there several cases which aimed to imitate the sick actions in doujinshi and related materials.

    Those who keep saying that it’s allowed because it is just a drawing for fun should be able to tell the exact same line in front of victims of any kind of sexual assualt. There should be no resist to tell that it’s just one of your normal, sane entertainment.

    And Ouch, it would hurt a little if you watch and play with hentais while your parents or siblings are sexually victimized. To look forward your future, you should also be able to say yes to allowing your children to encounter a bunch of these ‘enjoyable’ materials with several genres starting from pedophilic symbols to rapes with bizarre devices and so on.

    It’s a matter of education and also a respect for ourselves as well. C’mon, we already know that it has a problem.

  • sik3xploit

    I try to not be a necroposter too much but just had some words on my mind about porn regulation. Back in California they tried to make a porn regulation forcing all male actors to wear condoms. Everyone’s first impression was: So which politician has made the deal with a condom producing company?

    Anyways, since this was a few years back it could possibly be something you know about as well :P