Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is Based on PS4 Hardware, Developed by Team Ninja

dissidia final fantasy 04-10-15-2

We’ve learned some new information regarding Square Enix’s curious new arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy.

First up, the game is actually being developed by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja (with Square Enix overseeing it), and the core hardware used for the game’s development turns out to be the Playstation 4. Square Enix also confirmed a Japanese release in various arcades this fall, during their Dissidia Final Fantasy Closed Conference today.

A tease from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Atsushi Morita also came up, in which the boss expressed his interest in bringing the game to home consoles – and that he is in talks with Square Enix to make this happen. However, Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama pointed out that the publisher is going to keep the game exclusive to arcades, for at least a year, before a port can happen.

The confirmed roster of fighters include: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III), Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI), Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I), and Y’Shtola (Final Fantasy XIV). Ramza Beoulve was also confirmed (the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics).

We also got a look at the game’s arcade cabinet:

dissidia final fantasy 04-10-15-3

Players will be able to make use of dual arcade sticks, as well as the four PlayStation face buttons for various abilities and actions. Square Enix showed the game off during their press conference, running on Playstation 4 hardware, at 60 frames per second. The publisher also confirmed that a location test will kick off in Japan on April 17th.

We’ve gotten some more details (via the game’s official website) on the gameplay within the fighter:

dissidia final fantasy 04-10-15-4

The HUD within the game includes: 1. Playtime 2. Battle Log 3. Teammate Status 4. Player Status 5. HP 6. Target Line 7. Break Bonus 8. Mini-Map 9. Enemy Team Information and finally 10. Chat Icon.

HP and Brave Attacks were detailed. While HP attacks will reduce your opponent’s HP, the amount of HP damage you can deal is shown as the Break Bonus stat (in the top right of the above screen). Brave Attacks can leech off your enemy’s Break Bonus. EX Skills were detailed, which are essentially support skills like “Protect,” “Slow,” and even character specific skills like Cloud’s “Limit Break” or Tina’s “Trance.”

Your enemy’s Braves can be stolen via a Brave Attack. Players can also gather large numbers of Braves, via a Brave Break. Gobbling up all of your enemy’s Braves will net you a bonus. Character customization was also shown off, where you can manipulate your character’s abilities, status, and so on, via a dedicated smartphone app.

dissidia final fantasy 04-10-15-7

Beast summons were detailed. All members of your team (battles are three vs. three) share a cumulative Summon Gauge, and upon filling it, all combatants are able to join together and bring fourth a summon, which acts as a temporary fourth teammate. Your summon beasts have auto-attacks and abilities, which naturally can help turn the tide of battle.

Finally, Square Enix confirmed that routine post-launch updates are coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy. These include new characters, battle music, stages, custom parts, new gameplay systems, and of course – balancing.

Additional sources: FamitsuGames Talk, Inside Games.

A new trailer for the game was also revealed:

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  • AnonDog

    And there goes any excitement I had for it with TM/TK being behind it… Will not support them in the slightest after the DoA5:LR debacle.

    Appreciate the coverage thought. Didn’t think I’d see anything about it until TGS.

  • Jack Ripper

    Are you expecting that PC port?

    Sure, just wait for the butchered and crippled version that rips tons of content and make sure not to mod it because we’re a bunch of moral developers that care about our characters a.k.a DLC $$!

    Oh the console version? Sure, we will release that too. Just make sure to be prepared for Day 1 glitches and bugs that break the game to the point of being unplayable! You want the patch to fix it? Sure, we will give you the patch after you beta test for us, but it’s okay because we already have your $$!

    Based TK/TN.

  • AnonDog

    I primarily play on a PC, but I’d rather have NO port than a shitty one. So glad I quit pre-ordering years ago.

    Anything with Square involved anymore is bound to be a 50/50 fuck up. The bullshit with Type-0, XV being incredibly unimpressive after the development time and the Cash Shop in XIV(already sub based) just shows how low Square is sinking. Oh and the piece of shit “Audio Drama” in the X/X-2 HD collection.

  • Jack Ripper

    “Anything with Square involved anymore is bound to be a 50/50 fuck up.”

    I wouldn’t say just Square though. Most big Japanese companies like Capcom, Konami, TK, Sega is just full of tons of shit because they’re ran by complete idiots that only look at the quick $$.

  • AnonDog

    Hell most companies in general are like that now. Capcom had to have Sony help them because of poor choices, Konami is getting rid of Kojima(lol), TK is TK and Sega hasn’t really been relevant due to their past decisions.

    This just annoys me more since I used to love Square and I really enjoyed both Dissidia games. This just seems to be a monumentally stupid decision to have Team Ninja and TK make this after their poor performance as of late, but Square can’t really say they’re better in that regard.

  • Carlos Roberto

    There’s still competent people working in Team Ninja.

  • Jack Ripper

    But it’s not up to them to make stupid decision. Koei Tecmo is the one in charge and it’s not afraid to make stupid choices, prime example of the PC version of DOA5LR.

    And don’t even get me started on Hayashi…the man has no idea on how to make a game and even if he did, his idea of making a game is making the game as simple as possible to make the whole experience just plain stupid and miserable.

  • Erodred

    i actually want to play this game now
    team ninja know how to hadle fighting mechanics
    i dont know about their PC releases tho
    i cant afford a ps4 and i dont trust Japanese PC ports

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Just because the port was a fiasco doesn’t mean they don’t know their shit. They do. For all the excessive fanservice it has, DoA has evolved into a very competent series. The same could be said about Ninja Gaiden Sigma, they know how to do action games. So more than likely, the game will turn out fine~.

  • Sunny

    Strange how people can afford to upgrade their expensive phones yearly yet can’t buy a one-off purchase of a console..

  • NathanEH

    Gorgeous remix of the Dissidia theme. I’m crazy hyped for this game now. I can only hope that the console version doesn’t come as late as I’m inclined to believe it will, and ditto for the english release. Looks like Midgar is a stage! It’s looking great too. Only when the stars align am I excited to see content from VII. This is one of those times.

    The game seems in the early stages if the footage is anything to go by. It’s graphically jaw-dropping but animations are a bit choppy and some areas, like Cloud’s shoes and pants, are missing the texture and lighting detail that the rest of his model has truckloads of. The fact that we’ve still only seen one stage in a playable state also points in this direction.

    I do like that they’re talking. Y’shtola’s trailer has dialogue and those seem like specific lip movements for Onion Knight, Cloud and Lightning. Unless I’m mistaken, voice work doesn’t start until pretty late in the process, so maybe I’m dead wrong since so many characters seem to have recorded voices already.

    This is an odd observation, but am I the only one who hadn’t noticed Lightning’s legs until just now? Has she always lacked pants? How have I never noticed this? What an odd choice for a character whose only personality trait is ‘tough-as-nails military girl’. Huh.

    On a similar note, it’s refreshing to see Cloud’s outfit from VII and his original hair style, but strange to see it next to the Advent Children/Crisis Core redesign of the Buster Sword. I’m not complaining about it, it’s just a first for Dissidia which has always used the original design.

  • Erodred

    ive had the same HTC evo phone from over 3 or 4 years

  • Bobby/Godless

    even tho you wrote this a year ago I felt inclined to respond. Most that use Iphones are in a monthly plan. That allows them to upgrade to the next phone for close to nothing. For me to upgrade to the Iphone 7 this year will cost nothing because I have a plan and a Iphone 6. The phone itself cost me about 100 under a plan.

    I pay $40 a month for unlimited data, text, calling. Not bad if you ask me.