Switch Galaxy Ultra is Coming in Fast on PS4, PS Vita, and Mobile

The WipeOut franchise, ushered in by developer Psygnosis and later Sony Liverpool, ushered in a wave of futuristic racing games. These games utilized the fantasies and imaginations of a vivid future in which technology changed the competitive racing landscape.

WipeOut released several installments of their games, each one improving upon the concpets of futuristic combat racing. The last game in the series was WipeOut 2048 on the PlayStation Vita in 2012. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a game like it since then.

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However, London-based eveloped Atomicom seeks to bring it back high-velocity, futuruistic, combat space racing. In doing so, even go one-step further by putting a Buck Rogers kind of style and narrative. This is the world of Switch Galaxy Ultra.

Originally for PlayStation Mobile, Switch Galaxy Ultra is an extremely fast and vividly sharp space-race combat game in which players race at warp speeds across the stars for very precious materials in the development of a new jump drive. Players take on the role of one of the last humans in space, recruited by an alien queen to race across entire star systems to obtain rare energy for a new jump drive. The game’s story is told through episodic comic illlustrations similar to old-fashioned science fiction. As for the game, it is rediciulously fast.

The game will run at a full 1080p with an extremely fast 60 frames per second. As the trailer above showcases, the game has been fine tuned to run as smoothly as possible with the possablity of lag reduced to virtually nothing. Player will doge obstacle, fight enemies, and navigate the course. If players are careful and aware, they can grab ahold of secret to hidden sections of space. It is a mesmerizing space racer and a welcome addition to the Sony Platform. Also ofnote, it appears more PlayStation Mobile Titles are making their way to Sony’s consoles, a great move to see other lesser known games. In addition to Switch Galaxy, Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX by Tikipod, Ltd, made its appearance on PS4, and Vita last month.

Switch Galaxy Ultra releases next Tuesday during the PlayStation Store Update. Check out Atomicom on their main page and Facebook page.

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