Game Developer Brianna Wu is Doxxed, Blames #GamerGate

brianna wu 10-11-14-2

Female game developer Brianna Wu was doxxed last night. GameRanx soon ran a headline ( URL, so no worries) about it shortly after. That article will get plenty of views and clicks, especially because #GamerGate is a hot button topic. However, we’re not for easy and dishonest coverage.

Brianna Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat. She has been a critic of #GamerGate, previously going so far as to create a meme that made fun of #GamerGate, which was then altered with harassment supposedly aimed at Wu.

Wu claimed (see below as well) in a twitter rant that the tweets were from “8chan/#gamergate” members, ending with a “Go fuck yourself.” Around 3 hours later, her personal information was posted on 8chan.

brianna wu 10-11-14-1

All of the posts in the 8chan thread actively discouraged the doxxer. Within the hour, the thread had been deleted after 8chan users reported it. Wu then received threats on Twitter, from an account that did not associate with or use #GamerGate. That twitter account was eventually deleted due to reports of harassment from both sides of #GamerGate.

This is not Wu’s first time being doxxed. In her op-ed piece “No Skin Thick Enough”, published in Polygon (another URL), she states that “Later that day, someone texted me my address—telling me they’d ‘See me when I least expected it.’”

There are some important things to keep in mind:

So far there has not been any evidence linking the doxxing to #GamerGate. 8chan has many users who support #GamerGate, among them recent immigrants from 4chan, an image board that has been experiencing an exodus due to its heavy-handed moderation. Creating an anonymous account on 8chan is also very easy, arguably much easier than on Twitter.

It is therefore disingenuous to state that #GamerGate is “a war on industry women” based on this incident.

Everyone should unite against harassment and doxxing on both sides. It should not be ignored, even if the person does not agree with your ideals.

Both Brianna Wu and the moderators of 8chan have been contacted for a comment.

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  • Topgeartony

    I don’t buy into it. The timings too perfect. New game coming out and all that.

  • Pepper

    There’s already evidence that she probably faked it like everyone else especially since the ThunderClapping was successful at that moment. They use the same tactic over and over again that when shit like this happen, I will not believe them because they never have proof and when pointing out the contradictions, they claim sexism. #notyourshield

  • Cy

    Good article. It would be nice if she responded, even better if she commented rationally and didn’t try to turn it into a way to score points against GamerGate. Either way, I hope she stays safe and the scumbags who threatened get caught.

  • RandomDev

    From what I hear she faked her doxxing to attack us in gamergate.

  • Thomas Fährmann

    and the next sexurity breach into the NSA is caused by a gamergater too. After people from gamergate have finally nukebombed iran by remote control we will take over the world. We (random people from all over the world) are the doxxing terrorists who dont negotiate or take prisoners until this god damned planet is a burning hell hole… yes i´m not serious and so was anita and Brianna Wushu too. This is lower then low and should be called out as a criminal false accusation of regular people. Gamergate is not an organisation so mentioning gamergate in context of these threats is ridiculous and in my country a crime!
    When hooligans fight each other they associate with their soccer Team but the club is NOT responsible for actions caused by some idiots when they bash themself on a random field. Soccer clubs cant be responsible for stupid people just because they run around with a Tshirt of said club! And that is a real organisation or club! So how can ALL people who supports only the idea behind gamergate being accused of such things. Where is the logic in these people ?

  • Archey Scrot

    Let’s not forget that she pretty much doxxed herself on 8chan to legitimize it. Kotaku even spun an article claiming it was 8chan’s fault to begin with.

  • Neojames82

    This is just sad. Is this the new way women independent developers are going to promote releases of their games no one would give a crap about in the first place?

  • mpqwGqiAKzLR
  • Thomas Fährmann

    oh and i forgot… there is a war on wimin in the industry going on! The gamergaters have sided with ISIS and are now moving ahead towards the pentagon. Their commander is overload bimshizel Miso–jeney and their berzerker brutes of white male neckbeards are fearless COD gamers. The massive amount of tanks rolling over the fields of the indy union of agreements behind closed doors is flanked by the witches of the damned damsels… and now i lost my mind and just think i stay pro-gamergate and dont listen anymore to the crazies. They are not healthy people!

  • The Papist

    It’s approaching a “boy who cried wolf” scenario now, the fake tactic has been used so many times no ones sure if it’s real or not.

    That will hurt someone badly eventually and only they will be to blame.

  • Thomas Fährmann

    MundaneMatt is a little bit off here i think. good guy but ehm… the case with Anita is closed and it doesnt represents her as a victim at all!

  • gorozoro woo woo

    most of 8chan didn’t know who she was until now. we did play with the meme generator, but there was no effort to dox anyone. i’m not sure why we would dox anyone in the first place, I mean if we got her info then. . .what? what has actually happened to any anti-gg person who’s personal info got out? what could we do with that info that would actually benefit gamergate? it doesn’t add up.

  • Neojames82

    I’m wondering if a male developer ever made the same kind of statement of being doxxed would be taken as seriously, my bet is probably not.

  • Kiltmanenator

    Bravo. Well done.

    If only everyone else had treated LW’s WizardChan debacle with such care.

  • Megamatics

    Truly exceptional work and reasonable interpretations of the Data. I’m fully informed on the matter rather than emotionally compelled to be reactionary. I know we wont ever be able to stop threats before they happen, but I do hope measures are taken to discourage doxxing.

  • tyren02

    My personal opinion is it wasn’t her, but whoever doxxed her on 8chan is the same person who made the Twitter account, trying to make Gamergate look bad. While I don’t doubt there’s a psycho or two lurking major discussion venues on both sides waiting to troll or harass or do other horrible things, it seems too convenient that it was posted and the Twitter account went up within minutes.

  • I just don’t know anymore with this stuff and i’m tired of hearing about it and seeing Twitter bickering. Don’t hack people/don’t fake hacks and just fucking get on with the games. Can’t even tell what’s real and what’s made up bullshit to push agendas.

  • Neojames82

    Your statement is 110% what I feel these days, friend. I just want to fucking play games. No more pushing social agendas or any of that crap, just let us play the games!!

  • Chris R

    This can be seen as a circular reasoning. An outsider who has been told that GG is a harassment campaign will see this person being harassed. Their next logical step is that this harasser is pro-GG, because GG is made up solely of harassers apparently. This being an operation of GG, supposedly, serves as proof that GG is pro-harassment.
    Repeat ad infinitum

  • Wolfe

    False flag.

  • David

    I think Brad Wardell was doxxed when he was accused of sexual harassment. He made a comment about his address being publicly posted and his family harassed and his children bullied at school. Not the same situation but pretty similar.

    Boogie a youtuber recently commented on twitter that he received 3 death threats this week. That’s only the ones he saw. None from GamerGate supporters he mentions.

    It’s odd there’s so much focus on these 3 women when they are all friends with journalists. Meanwhile, no one cares about any men in the gaming industry being harassed and threatened. It isn’t equal and pushes that narrative it’s all about women when it’s not.

    These “journalists” aren’t actually addressing the issue in its entirety. So imo they don’t really care about harassment and threats on the internet. They only care about a few people being targeted and patting themselves on the back for “defending” women and making money off of it.

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    You want to play video games? Go ahead, no one’s stopping you.

    Just don’t be surprised that one day your game tells you it hates everything you stand for and you and you’re ilk are better off dead.

  • Woody

    I’m sure everyone wants the person behind this to be caught and prosecuted. It is very frustrating that the authorities can never seem to catch these people and as a result of this information vacuum their crimes are hijacked by those with an agenda who wish to smear millions of innocent people.

    Who won in this instance?

    Well the victim lost because they were abused.

    Gamergate lost because millions of innocent campaigners were smeared.

    The wider industry lost because the negative publicity looks bad to the general public.

    Who gained?

    Oh yes the disgusting corrupt journalists again who once more were able to produce lots of click bait articles and divert attention away from their corruption and refusal to adopt an ethics policy.

  • Kansokusha

    Gamergate has nothing to gain from this move. A fact that many conveniently seem to forget.

  • Ryan Lawson

    Brianna was on the thread in 8chan where she was allegedly doxxed. She posted a screenshot from the thread on her Twitter at 18:43 my time. Makes a couple of posts about sex positive feminism, at 18:52 she is “doxxed”, 19:06 she posts about the post on her Twitter, ~ 19:10 the threatening Twitter posts appear, and she posts the first response to her Twitter at 19:14. 20 minutes from the doxx, to the threats, with a response in between and immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY) after. A brand new account makes 8 posts inside that time frame too, remember that.That’s some quick turnaround. Of course she knows it’s all GG too, also immediately…

    Not sure how relevant it is here, but maybe worth mentioning she created a sock account to Poe GG similar to a_girl_irl.

  • Guest

    Because it wouldn’t add the picture?

  • Guest

    Because it STILL wouldn’t add the picture…

  • Ryan Lawson

    It isn’t closed to the people that still bring it up as another sign of harassment in the industry. They pile them all together about the “umpteen times” a woman in the industry has feared for their lives. Even cases like Anita where it is clear something is wrong and it is pointed out, they’re still taken as wholly authentic, and no retractions are made for clearly false information.

  • Ryan Lawson

    *sigh* fuck you Disqus.

  • Ryan Lawson

    They don’t forget, they can only push the opinion that GG is about nothing at all but harassing women and pushing females out of the industry. That is their position, they will not allow any other goals to be acknowledged.

  • Kansokusha

    Right. Wu is not the first woman thrown under the bus by the other side.

  • Condorito Jones

    It’s horrible if she was really doxxed. We have done our best to stop harassment and report it in every instance. However, she went directly to Twitter to make accusations againts all recommendations of law enforcement. In either case she’s now profiting from the attention and might become another “professional victim” and I fear other people follow in her foot steps.

  • epy

    I want women to shine brightly as creators of content, writers of masterpieces and developers of expertly crafted games, not “that woman who got harassed that time”. The fact that the media focuses more on the latter really irks me.

  • flight2q

    The ISIS-equivalent warriors have taken to wearing pink ribbons this month. If you see someone with a pink ribbon, avoid, perhaps even report them to the gaming press!

  • Thomas Fährmann

    The only thing we need is COMMON SENSE. Most people if not all condemn those things. Is it related to us gamers? NO it isnt. It is relevant to the police ONLY if TRUE and thats it. Case closed!
    But if it is for promotion and hate mongering then it is relevant to us gamers. And so you only have to turn of your brain, 1+1 = 2 and know what their intention is about! Common sense is the brain turned ON!

  • Frank Furter

    Who benefits the most from this? I will name four groups. A complete anonymous troll with no investment in either camp. A person pro-gamergate. A person anti-gamergate. Brianna herself?

    An anonymous troll will get “lulz” and congratulate themselves on how clever they are and how well they owned everyone.

    A person pro-gamergate will get nothing out of it. It will be associated to the gamer gate crowd and make them all look like it came from them. Besides from what I understand everyone had laughed her antics off

    A person that was anti-gamergate, Yes, they may like to frame gamergate and wouldn’t this fit their narrative of gamergate being all white misogynistic males (notwithstanding the abundance of diverse gamers in gamergate.) So this would fit well.

    Next Brianna. Yes IF she was angry about being laughed at and wanted to make a statement she had not been able to make then this is a statement . IF she was the type of person that could be that dishonest. (I have seen the issue of timestamps come up on things that were screen capped and it does not look good). I suspend judgement though.

    So what does this tell us?

    There were many people who could have. The ones least likely was Gamergate and they were completely blamed and without any proof to back the claim

    Gamergaters deserve an apology.

  • Jake Kale

    I was one of the users to report that account. I’ve also reported another this morning. Whether they’re false flags or not I can’t say. All I can say as a supporter of GamerGate is I do not and will not sanction harassment. And I’m far from unique in that regard.

  • Carl B.

    She did it to herself. Same as Anita. They can bitch and whine, but anyone with half a brain cell knocking around in their brain cage know that it’s true. They *gain* from this. It benefits them when they pretend to act horrified.

    Occam’s Razor.

  • Carl B.


  • Kelly Maxwell

    assuming worst case – if you or someone you know aids you in creating a “threat” that you then use to increase your profits – surely there is a law against this behavior.

  • Kelly Maxwell

    i think that’s probably the thing i hate most about this. You people are suppose to be from 4chan, yet your using memegenerator?? You brought this on yourselves!!

  • Red Lagoon

    Oh look her new game is coming out. Common guyz and gurlz give her all your hard earned money! It happens every time when Anita is about to release a new video. What are the odds?

    Srs. I’m not saying that it can’t happen, but all this crying wolf is making people distrust real victims of serious harassment. There are many out there male or female that are really being threatened, so please stop loosing police and detectives time with this Twitter absurdities!

  • I’m a bit confused as to the hostile tone of this comment but whatever. I support the whole GG movement but shit like this is a pain in the ass to hear about because if someone did hack this woman than they are just making the GG crowd look worse and if she did fake it then it’s just more bullshit agenda pushing. And trust me i’m not going to purchase a game that has a bias towards any group so i’m not exactly sure what the last part of your comment is even trying to say.

  • dsadsada

    Been too busy to bother going to 8chan to discuss these kind of things but if it’s like any other chan, ‘arguably easier than twitter’ should be an understatement. If it’s like any other chan then all you need to do is type up your comment and hit submit. And maybe fill out a captcha but that’s all. No account needed and I even need my disqus account to comment here.

  • AnarKreig

    Isn’t Brianna Wu the one who has been making actual sockpuppet accounts and poisoning the GamerGate hashtag? I believe I saw some screenshots of her making a bro-dude twitter account. If that is the case, I don’t buy it.

  • the white male journalists who are ‘friends to women and feminists everywhere’

    yeah, right. that narrative we’re all choking on.

  • i don’t buy it. i go to 8chan and literally every time there is a post about any of these types of people, we’re all quick to say ‘who cares?’ or ‘who?’
    no one cares about any of these professional victims

    and the post looks nothing like a typical anon post. it was a fucking list. without implying marks or anything.

    somehow, i doubt it was a normal 8chan user. probably was her, tbh. ‘omg a new game coming out and journalists i fucked will totally write about it if i make myself a victim’ is a common thing with people like her and sarkeesian…

  • Thanatos2k

    Imagine for a second that you are someone testifying in a criminal trial. Imagine you receive a threat where the person says they’re going to kill you tonight because you are testifying, they know where you live, and they post your address to prove it. You know, something that happens in the real world.

    Now you are actually afraid for your personal safety. Do you:

    1. Get the hell out of there, get to somewhere safe, call the police, and under their direction, lay low while they investigate the situation.

    2. Go onto Twitter, tell everyone in the entire world where you’re going, do not contact the police, taunt the people who threatened you, and then have your buddies post a link to some product you sell.

    The behavior of the people involved tell you exactly how credible these “threats” are. People who intend to rape or kill you do not warn you before they do so!

  • Thanatos2k

    Yes, she publicly admitted to it on Twitter, like an idiot.

  • Thanatos2k

    Yes, Brad Wardell said he was both doxxed and someone took pictures of his house.

    And yet, he was not “driven from his home.” Nor did he bleat about it on Twitter. Interesting, yes?

  • NeoTechni

    It has, yes.

  • NeoTechni

    May I see the evidence please?

  • NeoTechni

    May I see the evidence please?

  • NeoTechni

    I reported it too. And twitter doesn’t care unless you are the victim

  • C G Saturation

    One of my kitchen utensils was a little dirty. Damn you, 8chan/#GamerGate!
    THIS is the war on industry utensils!

    Now all I have to do is “leave my house”, and you’ll see me on Kotaku’s front page.

  • C G Saturation

    Of course not. Nobody ever cares about males getting raped by pedophiles or dying brutal violent deaths for big business profits.

  • C G Saturation

    I’d like to see it as well.

  • C G Saturation

    Well, it’s been proven to work. People will keep using these dirty tactics as long as there’s no negative consequence, just like with the rampant corruption in gaming journalism and the game development industry.

  • C G Saturation

    And yet when I try to explain GamerGate to some friends, they think GamerGate is nothing more than sending death threats. Thanks, Anita Sasquatch.

  • C G Saturation

    The authorities are not going to catch them because the authorities literally work for them. I’m not even kidding.

  • GDI

    Hi think he meant one of those indie games laden with social agenda, gaining sales at the expense of games that don’t meet their specifications, e.g. ecchi games.

  • C G Saturation

    The media and their supporters have already insinuated that GamerGaters are beheading and battling US forces in the Middle East.

  • C G Saturation

    Go to Japan. Plenty of amazing, respected talented female artists and creators there. They don’t need to play victim like women in the West.

  • C G Saturation

    Are you a news reporter? Your post sounds exactly like what I hear on the television every day.

  • C G Saturation

    Funny how I haven’t seen anyone mention this anywhere else.
    Not that mainstream media is BIASED or anything like that.

  • C G Saturation

    Want to know the easiest way to not get doxxed? Don’t go around abusing, ridiculing or ruining the lives of innocent people.

    Also, don’t fight blatant industry corruption. That’s a surefire way to get doxxed.

  • C G Saturation

    From what people are saying here, she is “getting on with her game” through this attention. That’s what you want? GamerGate is trying to put a stop to this nonsense.

    Me? I’m thinking of limiting my game development projects to the Far East. All this bullshit simply doesn’t happen over there.

  • Jake Kale

    Report as spam. That seems to work.

  • NeoTechni

    That is sad, but good to know

  • NeoTechni

    Yup, She proved she’s willing to falsify evidence.

  • Thomas Fährmann

    hehe no. But I should do news broadcasting for the “other” side aye! you just have to shut down your brain and function like the crazies… thats all you have to do. With a little bit of dark humour, completely made up nonsense and accusations you are never off the hook so to say! Stay dirty and go with the flow! It´s easy :D
    I´m a level designer and do environments all the time. Just a passion so not in the bro-business! But i´m doing it for 14 years now;)

  • Jesus christ that’s not what i’m saying, why is everyone being so dense about this. I’m saying EVERYONE in general should just get on with playing/making games. Has nothing to do with this woman, i’m just tired of hearing about hacks.

  • guest

    The doxxer literally titled his post “The Leader of GamerGate”.

  • Thanatos2k

    Wu is a fraud. This whole thing was a sham so she could beg for money.

  • Thomas Fährmann

    That person is an empty being. I dont know how “she” will ever again look into the mirror and say, hey i´m glad to be me. When you have sold out completely for the sake of pure hatemongering and defamation of regular people aka human beings then you are to me evil. Evil is a complicated term but there are certain character traits that defines it for me. You can kill people not only by death but by repeated defamation. This person is a no go for me and so are all the ones supporting her. No matter who they are and no matter where I meet them. Case closed, no compromise no nothing!

  • Ryan Lawson
  • Ryan Lawson

    “Admitted” makes it sound like she got “caught” making it. She proudly announced she was doing it.

  • Ryan Lawson

    Every poster on that thread (EDIT: the entire board) has the same title, it’s an anon board.

  • Ryan Lawson

    She said she wasn’t able to make Milo’s show, but almost the same scheduled time she was on MSNBC with her “friend from Recode”, and Recode is owned or something by…NBC Universal.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    He was driven from his home, eventually. For fear of his child and wife, he moved to an undisclosed location.

  • ☆☆danrman☆☆

    She doxxed herself.
    doxing on the gamergate board is frowned upon, and there’s also proof that she’s lurking the board, and has used fake twitter accounts to harass herself in the past. She is pretty much a professional victim, trying to get free publicity.

  • Pig Stylay

    She’s a piss of sheet who’s irritated and betrayed everyone she’s ever met. Now she’s crying for help when it’s her own fault.

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