Niche Gamer-cast Episode 14 – Five Guys, Zoe Quinn, and Journalistic Integrity

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Topic of the Week

So the Zoe Quinn scandal is still producing new fires, despite the controversy going on for more than a week. While other gaming outlets refuse to comment on the fiasco and the blatant lack of journalistic integrity, the staff at Niche Gamer sat down for a live podcast with our fans, where we talked this out together, in a civil manner. We dedicated this entire podcast to just talking about her.

Instead of censoring the discourse, we are encouraging it, and championing the truth in the gaming industry, which is what we always strive for here at Niche Gamer. You will never find us hiding behind our jobs while we protect our friends (if any) in the gaming industry, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than the majority of other websites have proven themselves to do.

Bear in mind, this is a live recording so there might be dead air, delayed responses, etc. between us and our fans/listeners. We had a female member of /v/ join us and talk with us live, and we corresponded to fans throughout the live show. You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

Songs Featured in This Podcast

To potentially motivate you guys even further, I added the track “Even Farther” by Miki Higashino from Suikoden 2 for the opening track. The closing theme is Reminiscence, which is also by Miki Higashino and Suikoden 2, a track I hope will take everyone back to a time when gaming was simpler, and just about having fun.

Please Leave Feedback and Ask Us Questions

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Brandon Orselli


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  • AcePPO

    I just happened to drop in at the portion where you compared this stupidity to Tiananmen Square, and that was enough for me. Holy Inflated Sense Of The Importance Of What You Do, Batman.

  • Was it an improper comparison of censorship? I wasn’t comparing the tragedy itself, but rather the rampant censorship afterwards. I know that event is nowhere near the level of this, but it just popped into my head.

  • I think you missed the point. Right or wrong, hyperbole is a very effective way to get your point across and I don’t think anybody who has a shred of sanity would compare this to an event like that. Where the effectiveness of hyperbole comes in is that the base concept is the same and it gets people to understand where you are coming from.

  • Alistair

    Another epic longer podcast, about the dreaded censorship shitstorm doing the rounds on the Internet.

    1 thing good come from this Zoe-gate & The SJW’s is it’s coming up a week & still no eww look at that ban It, you pedo who likes drawings in sexy poses. Has not posted on they site.

    Yes indeed the guardian is belong with dairy mail as gutter press here in UK.

    I got a new laptop so I’m hoping I join in the anti censorship debate soon when I can.

    I just got a respone from PEGI it not good or bad but can’t commet on a game that not rated yet & release.

  • RPGEndBoss

    While I’m inclined to agree, I think the point was that Brandon was comparing how the major gaming outlets are ignoring this story and wiping it under the rug in much the same way China did Tiananmen Square. Could he have chose a smaller scale example to use in the analogy? Sure. Thing is, all of this is done off-the-cuff and he just used the first thing that came to mind.

  • RPGEndBoss

    Is it just me, or is Vivian James adorable?

    I don’t know who draws her, but she’s SOOOOOO CUTE.

  • nonscpo

    Since every week you guys ask for feedback/improvements, I’ll give you my take on this podcast; which I didnt think was that great compared to previous ones. I also would like to remind folks that the following is constructive criticism, not personal attacks. So the first issue I had with the podcast was that you allowed the main talking point to be the only talking point, as a result you guys ended up repeating the same thing over and over again which got repetitive. I know that in journalism having a story that nobody else touches would count as an exclusive, however once youve established your points you guys either have to elaborate upon them or move on. My second issue with this podcast was that it went on for way to long, you almost reached the three hour marker. Because you guys keept repeating the same thing over and over again I almost tuned out at one point. The third issue I had with this podcast was that you guys werent reading the comments/questions that were being posted, as a result half the times it wasnt 100% clear what you were talking about (Please read the full question). Nobody who didnt listen to the 9th podcast would have understood that you guys were talking about Criminal Girls when you mentioned censorhip and adding steam to the scene. Now on a positive note I did like the idea of user feedback and participation, it just needs to be better implemented.

  • Hey man, I always look towards your feedback.

    I completely agree with how the show went. I should have prepped up a script and I should have stuck to our regular format, ending with the Zoe Quinn thing as the topic of the week. With how repetitive it came out, I apologize to everyone.

    This was also our first time broadcasting live, something we completely did not plan on doing until literally right before recording. I promise you all that when we do it again (and we will), it will be planned and we will have all of the tools at our disposal to make sure we’re responding to fans properly, and that we’re covering all of the news you guys crave.

    I should have taken notes with our previous podcast that had no script (and turned out kind of crazy), because our best formula works off us mixing a script and just improv, you know?

    Again thank you so much for the feedback dude. I promise you, from the bottom of my heart that we will come back stronger with our next show this Sunday, and that our next live show will be AWESOME!

  • Xanados

    Here’s my thing about kotaku they are hiding under the “Blog” persona when they really want to be “Journalists” and want the same benefits from this. I believe we should be putting the pressure on Gawker on what it deems itself and kotaku as and if they see themselves and kotaku as a “Blog” then they shouldn’t get the same benefits as “Journalists”