Zeraora in Max Raid Event Runs from June 17 to 28 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword Shield

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have announced a new Max Raid event for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, where players can obtain Zeraora.

Announced during today’s Pokemon Presents live stream and as stated in the press release (via email); From June 17th to June 28th, players will be tasked with fighting the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora in Max Raid battles.

Players scour the Galar region for a Max Raid den, then fight the giant AI opponent in 4 v 1 battles. Even when teaming up with other players online; players must contend with Max Attacks, increased health, barriers, multiple attacks per-turn, and being thrown from the den when allies faint too many times (or 10 turns pass).

The Pokemon had previously only been available during Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon as a promotional event for new trading card game set releases, and a Pokemon movie in Japan. These event-only Mythical Pokemon are never catchable in-game, and are typically banned in official tournaments.

Zeraora packs the signature attack Plasma Fists, which will turn its opponents Normal-type moves into Electric-type moves. This compliments its ability Volt Absorb; which negates any Electric-type damage it would take and heals it by 1/4 of its total HP instead.

Much like the Mewtwo Max Raid event in February, players cannot catch this Zeraora. However, if one million players around the world beat Zeraora, then all players will receive a Shiny Zeraora.

This will be sent to the mobile device version of Pokemon Home, and players must transfer at least one Pokemon between Home and Sword or Shield to receive it.

In case you missed it, you can find the rundown on the expansion’s content here [12]. The Isle of Armor expansion is available now. The Crown Tundra expansion launches Fall 2020.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here.

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