Yakuza: Like a Dragon Seiryu Clan Info and Screenshots

Sega have released new information about Yakuza: Like a Dragon; regarding the Yokohama Seiryu Clan, along with its leader and right-hand man, Ryuhei Hoshino and Mamoru Takabe respectively.

The Seiryu Clan is one of the three major powers that form the Ijinsan, controlling Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama. In fact, the clan is the only yakuza group in the area.

It is run by Ryuhei Hoshino, who has controlled the Yokohoma underworld for a long time. The clan’s headquarters has impeccable security as you would expect. Even if you could get inside, it is unlikely security will let you leave alive.

Chairman Ryuhei Hoshino (Voice: Tetsuo Kaneo) is a very old-school yakuza, valuing tradition, honor, and chivalry. Along with being a major player in the underworld of Isezaki Ijincho, he has also protected the area from “outside enemies”.

Serving Ryuhei is his trusted right-hand man Mamoru Takabe (Voice: Taichi Endou). Even though he usually comes across as calm and collected, he is actually quite vicious, showing no mercy to enemies of the clan he has sworn loyalty to.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is launching for PlayStation 4 on January 16th, 2020 in Japan, and coming soon to the Americas and Europe.

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