Yakuza 0 is a Prequel Starring a Brazen, Young Kiryu

yakuza zero 08-27-14-1

We still haven’t really heard or seen much for Sega’s new Yakuza game, Yakuza 0, but some new tidbits have come out via this week’s Famitsu magazine.

The game itself takes place in December of 1988, during which you’ll experience Tokyo, Soutenbori, Osaka, and Kamurocho. Yakuza 0 is a direct prequel to the original Yakuza, meaning we’ll be seeing a younger Kazuma Kiryu.

Alongside the 20-year-old Kiryu will be a 24-year-old Majima Goro. Kiryu will be working as a crony for the Tojo Clan’s Dojima Family, meaning he’s the one who makes people pay up. Goro, instead, manages a cabaret club, converting a dump of a location into the hottest club in Soutenbori.

Expect more characters returning alongside Kiryu and Goro. Yakuza 0 is currently around 65% percent completed. It’ll be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

A release date has not been confirmed yet.

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