Rumor: Xbox is Working on a Dragon’s Crown-like Game with Studio Ghibli Visuals

Xbox is Working on a Dragon's Crown-like Game

Hot on the heels of the Wu-Tang Clan RPG from Microsoft rumor, we’ve learned of another rumored game: Xbox is working on a Dragon’s Crown-like game, with Studio Ghibli visuals.

The rumor that Xbox is working on a Dragon’s Crown-like game comes from the now-deleted podcast with Jeff Grubb, who teased Project Belfry and that it’s currently in development.

While details are scant, the actual name “Project Belfry” did appear in the recent Nvidia database leak along a host of codenames for internal projects, like the aforementioned and rumored “Project Shaolin” Wu-Tang Clan RPG.

The rumor notes the game is similar to Dragon’s Crown in gameplay and presentation, i.e. a side-scrolling action game, and that it’s being developed by a solid team that is known for good art, but hasn’t produced a game like this before.

Furthermore, the game was noted to have Princess Mononoke like visuals and themes with its art style, with the focus being the titular “belfry” tower, which serves as your home base.

As you expand and conquer the “massive” world with new settlements, your resources get funneled back to your home belfry, enabling you to make new items, weapons, and more.

Just like the other rumored game, Project Belfry is being made under Microsoft and their Xbox Global Publishing arm of the company, where they’re fostering exclusive titles to fill out their games lineup – most especially on Xbox Game Pass.

As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt. However, would you like to see a new game inspired by Studio Ghibli films like Princess Mononokeand games like Dragon’s Crown? Sound off in the comments below!



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