Xbox Insiders adds classic Wolfenstein games


Publisher Microsoft and developer id Software announced classics from the Wolfenstein library will be joining the Xbox Insiders test program.

One of the two big announcements was that the legendary classic, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, would be on the list of games that were being tested on the Xbox client for Windows.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein first released in 2003 and continued the story of B.J. Blazkowicz as he infiltrated Castle Wolfenstein and explored through the spooky occult heart of the Third Reich.

Along with an engaging singleplayer campaign, RtCW also had an online multiplayer that was revolutionary and ahead of its time. In fact, this was the first game that little Tyler Valle ever played online.

To accompany Return to Castle Wolfenstein, it was also confirmed that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the multiplayer-only spinoff by Splash Damage, would also be available to Xbox Insiders on PC.

Forgive me if I go down memory road but as a wee lad, I remember my father staying up late into the night playing Wolfenstein ET with his friends. This game improved on the RtCW multiplayer in every way, introducing new classes, new maps, and new mechanics.

One could hope that this, along with the recent Steam release of Enemy Territory will help to revitalize the community and bring back that golden age of World War 2 multiplayer shooters. Because I, for one, will never get tired of hearing that voiceline “I need a medic” to which someone replies, “I’m a medic”. Good times.

The Xbox Insiders adventure through classic titles from the 90s and early 2000s is still available and will be until August 11. Remember that if you participate, you can give feedback to the developers on bugs and other issues with the current gen hardware releases to help improve the experience for others.



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