wipEout Rush Announced for Smartphones

wipEout Rush

Publisher Rogue Games and developer Amuzo have announced wipEout Rush for smartphones.

wipEout Rush is comign to both iOS and Android devices sometime later this year. This is the first game in the series since the wipEout Omega Collection was released for PlayStation 4 back in June 2017.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

wipEout Rush takes the classic anti-gravity racing experience first launched in 1995 for the original PlayStation® and turns the series on its head, thrusting players into the role of the team manager where winning is determined by decisions rather than reflexes. Players are in charge of selecting the right ships, as well as ensuring they are properly upgraded and equipped to win each race. Crafted for the best mobile experience, wipEout Rush incorporates fluid merge gameplay for the first time, allowing players to merge anti-gravity ships to unlock new, more capable vehicles. As players move up in the league, they earn currency to unlock new challenges, weapons, and upgrades.

“I was raised on the console WIPEOUT games—and those will continue to live on PlayStation hardware—but we wanted to reinvent the breakneck speed and gorgeous presentation of the series for a new breed of players on mobile devices,” said Matt Casamassina, chief executive officer, Rogue. “We’re working closely with Amuzo and Sony Interactive Entertainment to ensure wipEout Rush delivers an experience that is both complementary and additive to the core console one, but also very accessible and fresh for gamers on the go.”

For fans of the series, wipEout Rush is bringing loads of new lore through collectables and story. Players will be able to unlock collectable cards to learn more about the ships, teams, pilots, and tracks of the WIPEOUT world as they progress through an engaging single-player campaign told through exciting animated comics. wipEout Rush will include both Quick Race and Championship Cup game modes complete with 5 different tracks, 60 iconic WIPEOUT ships, a wide range of familiar weapons, 12 Championship Cups each with their own boss, and bundles of collectables.

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