Why Yes, the Mechs in Project Nimbus have Beam Sabers

project nimbus ss 2

In case you were worried – the pilotable mech suits (battle frames) in GameCrafterTeam’s kickstarter funded Project Nimbus do have beam sabers – a staple of any mecha game or anime worth it’s merit.

As per their other gameplay videos, the current build of the game and the beam sabers look a little rough, still the implications are downright awesome. Not only are they completely manually controlled, they perform just how I had hoped they would.

You can view some gameplay showcasing the Beam Saber in action below:

Clearly, players who become adept at the almost twitch based combat systems will probably become masters of the beam saber. For all of the casual players though, it definitely seems like a more punishing method of trying to take down your foes.

Since our last time of writing about Project Nimbus, the kickstarter campaign has nailed two more stretch goals:

  • £9400 – Oculus Rift Support + First Person HUD View
  • £13,000  – Survival mode, fight against alien swarm.

This is exciting stuff, I can’t even imagine how exhilarating it must be to zip around in one of the battle frames, in first person, viewing all of the action through the Oculus Rift. Survival mode is also a necessary game type in this kind of genre, especially with how fast paced the combat is.

There are still several more stretch goals, if you want to help contribute to getting ever closer to them – head on over to their kickstarter page.

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