WWII tactical stealth game War Mongrels gets a relaunch

War Mongrels

Destructive Creations have released a huge update to War Mongrels, effectively relaunching the game as the “Polished Edition.”

War Mongrels is an isometric tactical stealth game akin to the Commandos and Desperados franchises. The game is set in the Eastern Front of WWII, and follows several German soldiers that decide to desert the military after refusing to participate in Nazi war crimes. The group find themselves on the run from both the Germans and Soviets, and must sneak around using their special skills and scavenged equipment to survive.

War Mongrels released back in October 2021, and was generally panned for its lack of polish and numerous bugs and other issues. Now, Destructive Creations have released a gigantic update to address many issues, including improved AI, tweaked mechanics, controller support, performance optimizations, and over 500 bug fixes.

The controller support also hints at the second part of Destructive Creations’ announcement: War Mongrels will be getting console ports. The game will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XIS in Q1 2023.

You can find a cheeky trailer about the relaunch below.

War Mongrels is also 44% off, reducing the price to $25.19 until September 26th.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Do you enjoy a good mix of tactical elements, adventure, and stealth, all tightly packed into a dark, fascinating story? We felt it was a rhetorical question, so that’s the experience we’ve crafted ;)

Try different tactics in each mission. Distract the enemies or drop parts of destroyed buildings on their heads. The interactive environment opens up many tactical options for you to explore.

Have you been spotted? Draw your weapon and try to shoot your way out!

Join forces with a friend and build your team of mongrels as you play! Each character has their own personality, background, and skills to use during the journey.



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