A dedicated fan makes real Waluigi’s Taco Stand cartridge for N64

Waluigi's Taco Stand

Waluigi isn’t in Super Smash Bros. but he is in his own fangame, which a fan made a real Waluigi’s Taco Stand cartridge so you can play it directly on the Nintendo 64.

Originally a ROM hack, Waluigi’s Taco Stand is made using Super Mario 64 as its base, so this is a rom hack. In the game, you play as Waluigi and you guessed it: you make tacos.

Waluigi has a line of hungry customers and has to venture out into the aptly named “Taco Fields” to procure his bacon, tomato, and other fixings.

YouTuber Below Average Gaming wasn’t content to let this game remain on the PC. To reunite Waluigi in his Nintendo home, he decided to make a Waluigi’s Taco Stand cartridge, bringing the game to life in a physical N64 cartridge.

The game Waluigi’s Taco Stand has players become a “Taco Enthusiast”, bringing made-to-order tacos to your customerbase of hungry goombas, koopas, and monkeys.

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