Waifu Wednesday: Tatsu

Waifu Wednesday: Tatsu

Welcome to Waifu Wednesday, Nicchiban’s new column where we talk about anime characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today on Waifu Wednesday we’re taking the road less traveled and introducing the first guy to our column, Tatsu from The Way of the Househusband. I suppose you could call it Husbando Hump Day but I believe that anyone and anything can be a “waifu” (here’s looking at you, people who are into the robot from WALL-E).

The series began in 2018 and has quickly spawned a live-action series and an “anime” series (that’s more of a motion comic than anime). Tatsu is the chief protagonist of The Way of the Househusband, a popular manga series that follows the daily life of an ex-Yakuza member who settled down with his wife. Though he’s put that life behind him, old habits die hard and he often gives off the wrong impression when doing chores or going shopping.

Waifu Wednesday: Tatsu

Asking for “white powder” when trying to buy flour, getting stopped by police while doing errands, and even accidentally getting his former henchmen involved in his daily errands are business as usual for Tatsu.

As a househusband, Tatsu is diligent in his role of a homemaker and approaches every task with the same intensity he would his former life-or-death criminal activities. Not even the roomba is safe from his highly disciplined scrutiny. But despite his severity, Tatsu is also a loving husband and a thoughtful man with a sensitive side who cares deeply for his wife.

Tatsu fulfills a masculine ideal of being a tough guy but with an awareness that kindness isn’t weakness.



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