Unity doubles down on their new policy changes


After a lot of controversy following their new policy change, Unity has released a new statement, doubling down on their previous announcement.

On a new X post, the company has clarified some of their policies, which essentially just confirm their previous statements.

The post specifically goes over what counts as an install, and clarifies that Unity will work with developers to deal with fraudulent charges, although it doesn’t necessarily state if Unity has an actual system in place to prevent these things, seemingly stating that they will only cover damage control after it has already happened.

The post also states that the install fee will not be applied to re-installs, games related to charity, or web/streaming games.

The forum post originally released on September 12, 2023, has also been edited to reflect these new statements, although Unity’s attempts to clear any misunderstandings seem futile, as it doesn’t seem like developers have misunderstood anything.

The company seems to be currently working on PR damage control, replying to official accounts that stated they will remove their games from platforms, regardless if they were joke posts or not.

Even if studios weren’t serious when it came to removing their games from platforms, developers like Massive Monster, Mega Crit, Aggro Crab, and Rose City Games have all released statements pertaining to engine changes, as their trust in Unity has now been tainted by these new policies.


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