Ubisoft is giving away the original Splinter Cell for free on PC


With Black Friday officially coming up next week, plenty of companies have already begun the deals. Ubisoft being one of them as they are currently hosting a sale on their storefront right now.

Most of their catalogue is up for sale with savings of up to 80%. This includes recent releases such as Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and even a discount on their Ubisoft+ subscription service.

One such major deal is that they are giving away the original Splinter Cell for free. The offer lasts as long as the sale, which ends on November 30th.

Chances are the reason for this specific game being given away is to garner a little bit of attention towards the Splinter Cell franchise, which last saw a major release back in 2013. Not much has come since, however, there is a remake planned.

Currently details have remain scant, though it is supposedly being updated for “modern day audiences” and that the director for the project has already departed from the team.

While Ubisoft has not shared many details for the upcoming remake, it is likely to come out for current gen consoles and PC sometime in the future.

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