Water gun shooter Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 is out now

Trianga's Project: Battle Splash 2.0

Make a splash in this new competitive shooter that centers around soaking your enemies with water.

Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Introducing “Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0”: A Revolutionary Water-Based Shooter Game That Makes a Splash in the Gaming World!

The game is designed to be as Easy to Play as possible, while still keeping the best features of Classic Arena Shooter and Class-based Shooter. Battle Splash’s gameplay heavily relies on Water Splash Mechanic, which changes the shape of the Splash Explosion depending on the surrounding area. In addition, the game is fully Physics-based, leading to Ballistic Bullets, Bouncing Balloons and lots of Physics features, thus feel free to perform some “Redefined” old tricks from Arena Shooter such as Bullet Dodging, Rocket Jump or Balloons Hop.

For even more diversity in gameplay, players can take control of different playable Characters. Each character has their own Stats and Abilities that when combined with each Weapon they can further improve their performance or change their role in battle in real-time. Weapons’ behavior can also change in real-time thus even more combinations can be carried out.

However, without a proper Tactic, your Victory cannot be ensured. Carefully Organize your team, Analyze necessary information, and Carry out your plan perfectly are the keys to success. There are many Paths players can take in order to achieve the Ultimate Victory. Be Flexible, or be Determined, or be Open-minded about your Approaches.

Key Features:

  • Water Shooter Mayhem: Battle Splash 2.0 remains true to its water-themed roots, featuring an array of water guns, water balloons, and aquatic gadgets. Soak your foes with precision and strategy using your trusty water-based armaments while dodging torrents of water in return.
  • Brand new mechanics: water splash will bounce off the surface upon contact, changing the shape of the Area of Effect. Once get soaked, the faster you move, the faster you recover/dry up. Characters can also change Weapons’ behaviors in real-time.
  • Arena Shooter Intensity: Immerse yourself in fast-paced, arena-style battles set in a variety of dynamic and visually stunning environments.
  • Play as you Like: Whether it is First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter, Battle Splash got it covered. Feel free to choose your favorite POV as each of them will provide different experiences!
  • Survival Mode: Get ready for heart-pounding action as you take on waves of relentless opponents in the all-new Survival Surge mode. Pit your water-based weaponry against increasingly challenging enemy hordes, testing your mettle and teamwork as you strive to survive against the odds.
  • Strategic Teamplay: Team up with friends or go solo as you face off against wave after wave of opponents. Communication, coordination, and strategy are the keys to success in Survival mode. Adapt your tactics on the fly to conquer each escalating challenge. Or take all of that and challenge other players Online.
  • Unique Characters and Abilities: Choose from a diverse roster of characters, each with their own special abilities and playstyles. Whether you prefer to be a front-line water warrior or provide vital support, Battle Splash offers a range of options to suit your preferred playstyle.


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