This War of Mine is now featured in New York’s modern art museum

This War of Mine

Atmospheric survival game This War of Mine is usually mentioned as an example that games can be works of art, so its fitting that the game is treated as a real work of art.

The game currently sits on Steam with 94% positive votes and seems to be beloved by its playerbase despite how bleak its can be at times.

This War of Mine recently became learning material in Poland for its 8th birthday, due to its artistic and cultural influence, but the game’s victory lap hasn’t ended yet.

11 bit Studios recently announced that the game is being added to an ongoing exhibition on New York’s Museum of Modern Art, you can read the announcement below:

Hello everyone!

This War of Mine has secured a coveted spot in The Museum of Modern Art in New York! The game became a part of the “Never Alone. Video Games and Other Interactive Design” exhibition, which brings together notable examples of interaction design, a field that considers the points of contact between objects—whether machines, apps, or entire infrastructures—and people.

The exhibition currently features 36 different video games and features titles like Minecraft, Pac-Man and Papers, Please.

Paul Galloway, a curator for the exhibition, explains the reasoning behind the game’s addition to the museum:

The game is currently being featured in the “Never Alone. Video Games and Other Interactive Design” exhibition until July 16th, 2023.

This War of Mine is available on Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Playstation 5, macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux (via Steam), and Xbox Series X|S.



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