The Official Playstation App Sure is Swanky

official playstation app shot 1

The Playstation 4 has been out for a little while now in America, but our European friends are still waiting for it to officially launch in their territories. To help ease some of their pre-launch anxiety, Sony Europe has posted a video showing off the official Playstation app.

You can view the video below:

The video shows off a ton of features, including instantly accessing your PSN profile, checking out your friends feed, comparing trophies, streaming content to your mobile devices as a second screen, using your phone’s keyboard to write up messages to send over the PSN, the new “what’s new” feature that shows off new content from friends, buying stuff from the Playstation Store and having them download automatically from your PS4 console.

You can download the official app on iOS here (requires iOS 6), and on Droid here (requires Droid 4.0).



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