The New 3DS Face Covers are Pretty Wicked

new nintendo 3ds 08-30-14-2

Buried amongst the reveal of the New Nintendo 3DS and its improved, userbase fractioning hardware, was the news of the new units having swappable faceplates.

A total of 38 faceplates were shown off during Nintendo’s broadcast, and they’re all set to launch sometime close to the New 3DS consoles themselves, both of which are coming on October 11th.

As the New 3DS consoles haven’t been confirmed for the West just yet, you can just gawk at the faceplates for now:

nintendo 3ds face covers 08-30-14-1

The faceplates range between $9 to $30 dollars, and these will be just the beginning of what could easily be an insane race by third parties to make custom faceplates.

Which faceplate is your favorite? I have to go with the Timmy and Tommy one from Animal Crossing, because reasons.


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  1. nonscpo
    August 30, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    This seems like something that should be offered as a prize on club Nintendo instead of being sold. Then again Nintendo is always looking for something that prints out money.