The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of debut trailer shows off ghost voyeur life sim

The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Qureate has shared the The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of debut trailer, showing off the voyeur ghost life sim game.

Here’s the The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of debut trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Become a Zashiki-warashi who lives in an apartment and lead the inhabitants to a wonderful future!

The purpose of the player is to live in an apartment and become a Zashiki-warashi, and to lead a wonderful future by intervening a little (without help) in the private life of the resident Sachi Usui. If you specify Sachi’s action in the room, the parameters will change according to her action. The final parameters will change the future of Sachi. There are 20 futures that Sachi walks through! It’s up to the player to decide what future they will take!

Also, since the player cannot be seen by the residents, you may be able to see the appearance of a careless girl or a real girl (?).


Sachi Usui is a female college student who is in the midst of job hunting in the present age of the employment ice age due to the recession.

As the gate to employment was approaching, one day I was spending a lot of time without knowing what I wanted to do, and suddenly the apartment I lived in was scheduled to be demolished.

When I was looking for the next apartment, I found a resident recruitment poster saying “God resident” in the remarks column, although it is a slightly old renovated apartment and has no special features .

It was a room full of suspicion, but I decided to move to this apartment with the feeling of being godly and started living …

Can the ordinary university student Sachi Usui walk the future he wants in the apartment where Zashiki-warashi lives? ??


  • Sachi Usui
  • CV: Yuki Takada
  • Height: 159cm Weight: 45kg
  • Three sizes: B 85 (D cup) W 57 H 84

A college student who hasn’t decided what he wants to do and is lost in his career. The apartment he lived in was scheduled to be demolished, and he temporarily moved to an apartment owned by an apprentice Zashiki-warashi.

An optimist who is self-paced and has no particular excellence in studying and exercising. I’m unlucky and basically it doesn’t work no matter what I do, but I have a bright and positive personality.


Find useful items and guide the residents with the sound of bells!

There are various useful items in the room where the parameters of Sachi Usui change. When the player finds an item in the room and rings the bell, Sachi, who is guided by the sound, uses the item and the parameters change! Items that can be used for chapters are different, so let’s search all over the room! The final parameters will determine the future of Sachi!

There are items in the room where Sachi acts and the parameters go up and down. Let’s search all over the room!

  • The electric massage machine will heal your body and soul! ??
  • For intelligent girls by reading! ??
  • Appearance is also important for a bright and hopeful future! ??
  • You can’t fight if you’re hungry! Looking inside the refrigerator!

The figure of a girl who is off guard! ?? There are also scenes where there is no way to make the residents happy!

Sachi Usui, the resident of the room, cannot see the player, so he can see his daily life. Sometimes she looks alert or something that shouldn’t be seen. There is a time limit for chapters, so be careful not to neglect to look for items to lead Sakusen to a wonderful future without seeing such a figure or such a figure! Never look too much!

For some reason, you can change your outfit, hairstyle, and underwear to your liking!

You can get a wide variety of costumes, hairstyles and underwear by satisfying certain conditions! There is no change in the parameters of the costume, so let’s customize it to your liking!

  • OL suit + dumpling
  • Men’s shirt + Katyusha
  • Sexy sweater + side pony

There are 20 types of endings! The final parameters will change the future of the inhabitants! Can you lead to the future that residents want?

The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of is launching for Switch on May 19th, via the eShop.



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