The Amiga Classic Wings! is Remastered and Now Available on Steam

German developer/publisher Kalypso Media have put out their remake of the Amiga classic, Wings!, onto Steam.

Redubbed as Wings! Remastered Edition, the WWI fighter pilot game has been entirely reimagined in full 3D, while also retaining those classic top down shooting pieces of gameplay. The Amiga original was developed by Cinemaware, a now defunct studio mostly known for their Amiga, Commodore 64, and DOS games.

The game puts you into the cockpit of a fighter pilot on the Allied side of the great war, as you attempt to fight and survive through till the end of the war. You’ll be tasked with strafing through enemy armies, bombing enemy aerodromes, and fighting rival Aces in breakneck dogfights.

Wings! Remastered Edition is available or PC via Steam, here. The game is also coming to the Mac App Store, followed by a retail boxed version on the 14th of November.



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  1. Thomas Fährmann
    Thomas Fährmann
    October 18, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Ultra fun game. I spent hours back then with buddies on the amiga on it. I highly recommend it! IT´s also on gog.com available. Hope its ok to mention that ;)