Terraria on Vita Still Coming, Looks Glorious

terraria vita ss3

If you’re a Terraria fanatic like I am, you probably can’t wait to play it on even more platforms right? Terraria is coming to Vita, but unfortunately it has been delayed. The developers have shared some updates on the game’s Vita development:

terraria vita ss2terraria vita ss1

“Don’t worry, Vita and Mobile development are still in full swing. The Vita version plays fantastically. We will have more announcements soon. (Sorry to use the word “soon” but it is the only word to use since I do not have official announcement dates on my desk at the moment). We also don’t want to rush it out until it is ready. Would you rather have it immediately with bugs and issues or wait a bit more and have it polished? Judging from how the community reacts to current console bugs, we think it would be best to polish.

We aren’t slowing Vita development down for the Mobile version. It’s independent.

Also, E3 causes video game industry mayhem and I just haven’t had the ability to keep everyone updated live. I will be better now that the chaos is over.”

They haven’t committed to a solid release date or window yet, but they have confirmed that it will be done this year, and only when they’re happy with the game’s performance on the Vita.

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