Super Bullet Break release date set for August 2022, demo out now

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Publisher PQube and developer BeXide have announced a Super Bullet Break release date for August 2022.

The Super Bullet Break release date is set for August 12th across PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) on August 12, 2022. Super Bullet Break had previously been announced for English some time ago, but no release date had been given at that time.

The anime-style, roguelite deckbuilder game is also getting a playable demo during the next Steam Next Fest, which includes all 3 maps of the first stage.

You can find the trailer for the launch date announcement for Super Bullet Break below:

And here is new information courtesy of publisher PQube:

Cute and Colorful Gacha-Inspired Gameplay

Save the online game world from total destruction in the world of ‘Super Bullet Break’, where online multiplayer games have been taken over by a rogue AI!

Inspired by your favorite gacha games, this one-of-a-kind strategy deckbuilder is filled with a wild bunch of cute and colorful characters—“Bullets”—each and every one of them unique in their own way.

Can you save the world and defeat enemies in strategic turn-based battles and beat ‘Super Bullet Break’?

Demo Available Until Launch

Play through all three maps of the first stage of Super Bullet Break—Monochrome Tactics—in the demo! Available now on Steam!

Play as Akari, a quirky redhead who’s a big bundle of energy! While eager to save the games she loves from total destruction, she is just as quick to jump to actions and conclusions, leading to her rather aggressive playstyle! Accept Nayuta’s request and team up with Blackcat to save the game of Monochrome Tactics!


  • Get the Girls, Save the World – Collect over 160″Bullets”—cute girls with their own special skills and backstories!
  • A Challenging and Strategic Deckbuilder – You’ll need a strong deck and tactics to defeat the rogue AI and its minions!
  • Electric Boss Fights – Take on the boss at the end of each stage to either win valuable rewards, or lose and start over!
  • Rise Above Failure – Building the perfect deck takes time and you may fail over and over… but by collecting more “Bullets” to create the ultimate deck, you can rise to glory.
  • Gacha Without the Microtransactions – Obtain “Bullets” and valuable items through battle rewards, opening treasure or rolling for them in the shop—all without paying a penny in microtransactions!
  • Demo Available Until Launch – Due to the fantastic player base reactions, we’re extending the availability of the demo all the way to launch!
  • Steam Next Fest – Keep an eye out for Super Bullet Break in June’s Steam Next Fest!
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