Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li #1 comic is available now

Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li Udon Entertainment Variant

A new comic one shot featuring Chun-Li from Street Fighter is available now.

Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li is a new comic featuring everyone’s favorite thighter– I mean fighter Chun-Li.

The Street Fighter Masters series is a set of one-shot comics featuring characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

Comic publisher Udon Entertainment has handled any comics related to the franchise and hasn’t been afraid to include the sort of fanservice the franchise is known for.

The comic is available in stores and online, though customers who order through Udon Entertainment directly can get an exclusive cover.

The strongest woman in the world, Chun-Li, stars in her own one-shot adventure! Interpol Officer Chun-Li travels to her birthplace of China, determined to put an end to a new Shadaloo scheme.

If you aren’t interested in paying the upcharge for the exclusive cover, the normal variants are also available.

While the Chun-Li comic is available now, pre-orders are open for Street Fighter Masters: Cammy for later this year in March.

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