Storybook Brawl got review bombed after crypto company buyout

Storybook Brawl got review bombed

We’ve learned Storybook Brawl got review bombed, after our previous report on crypto exchange FTX buying its developer.

A free-to-play autobattling game, Storybook Brawl has been available since June of 2021 and garnered overall mixed reviews. Now, Storybook Brawl got review bombed with over 800 new negative reviews, and since the game is free, anyone with a Steam account can join in.

Following the news that FTX was buying Storybook Brawl developer Good Luck Games, the studio posted a video update in which founder Matt Place said the main thing the acquisition is bringing will be more funding for its studio.

However, when pressed a bit on what the implications behind a cryptocurrency company owning them could entail, Place noted their motto is being “gamers focused on games we love.” He added that they’re exploring blockchain tech to create value and fun for players, potentially adding blockchain tech to the game.

Place then said if they don’t find something that works under their motto, they don’t have a mandate from FTX that adding blockchain tech has to happen. Despite this clear message that blockchain tech or NFTs aren’t absolutely coming to the game, the negative reviews keep coming.

It’s worth noting a casual glance at recent negative reviews finds many of them come from players that have dozens if not over a hundred hours logged in Storybook Brawl, so these are or in some cases were players that actually enjoyed the game.

One review with a few dozen hours said: “The developer was recently bought out by a crypto company (FTX) that plans to use the game as a testbed for NFT monetization strategies. No thanks.”

Another user with over 200 hours said “Can’t continue to play and support as the game moves into the NFT/Blockchain space.”

A user with over 400 hours said “The plan to force the unnecessary mechanism of NFT transactions into a beautifully lightweight and streamlined auto battler demonstrates a lack of understanding of, or interest in, the product. I believe the NFT market and consumer driven gaming are wholly incompatible, and invite others to help in sending that message by avoiding this product.”

Storybook Brawl is available for PC via Steam.

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