Steam Summer Sale 2021 Available Now, Game Profiles Introduced

Steam Summer Sale 2021

Valve has announced the launch of the Steam Summer Sale 2021, offering deals on thousands of games.

At this time of writing, the headlines for the Summer Sale include Halo: The Master Chief Collection (50% off), Battlefield V: Definitive Edition (75% off), and Valheim (10% off). But these are just a few of the many, many sales going on.

Other front-page sales include Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition (50% off), Crusader Kings III (20% off), Persona 5 Strikers (33% off), Kerbal Space Program (75% off), Journey To The Savage Planet (60% off), Mortal Kombat 11 (70% off), Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy (25% off), Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (75% off), Everspace 2 (20% off), State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition (35% off), Rust (50% off), Space Engineers (30% off), and Planet Coaster (75% off).

In addition, Steam has announced the Forge Your Fate initiative. Players can earn animated profile stickers based on their choices in short choose-your-own-adventure stories. Each of these adventures also feature genres and the sales therein; such as action, adventure, role-playing games, and more.

The sale also sees the launch of Game Profiles; animated backgrounds, avatars, and more all inspired by your favorite games. These can all be purchased via the Points Shop.

The Steam Summer Sale ends July 8th 10 a.m. PT. Sound off in the comments below if you’ll be picking anything up!

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