Steam Deck now officially runs Windows via new drivers

Steam Deck now officially runs Windows

While users were  throwing Microsoft’s operating system on early, we’ve learned Steam Deck now officially runs Windows, via a new driver release.

The news that Steam Deck now officially runs Windows comes via a new development update from Valve, which includes the proper hardware drivers for Windows to run seamlessly on the handheld PC.

Steam Deck ships with Valve’s inhouse SteamOS, which is Linux-based, so if you want to run Steam on the handheld like a regular PC – you’ll have to wipe it and use these new drivers on top of a fresh Windows 10 install.

This new batch of drivers isn’t perfect, however, as Valve currently only offers GPU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth drivers – the audio drivers are still being worked on by AMD and other parties. This means if you are truly hellbent on running Windows on the Steam Deck, neither the 3.5mm headphone jack nor its onboard speakers will work on Windows 10.

There’s also the concern of Windows 11 now requiring TPM support on the device hardware, which Steam Deck currently lacks. So, if you’re looking to eventually throw Windows 11 onto the Steam Deck, that’s also currently impossible. Furthermore, the option to dual-boot is also not available, so if you want to go back to SteamOS you’ll have to wipe the thing again.

Valve is working on providing all of the above with proper audio drivers, a dual-boot wizard, and even fTMP support.

Valve’s recently launched Steam Deck is now available, and in three flavors: $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), and $649 (512GB), over on the Steam store.

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