Star Ocean Gets a Card Battling Social Game

Star Ocean Material Trader Art 1

I’m sure there are still many Star Ocean fans out there – unfortunately this isn’t the game you’ve all been waiting for. Still, it’s something new in the franchise – Square hasn’t abandoned it yet.

Star Ocean Material Trader is a social card game RPG for the GREE platform. A producer on previous games in the franchise, Yoshinori Yamagishi, is in charge of the game.

The game is all about finding “Star Shards” as a way to help the organization Ouroboros. You have to collect as many cards and materials as possible to survive in space.

Star Ocean: Material Trader is being developed by Hippos Lab – Square Enix’s mobile division. They previously put out the GREE game Circle of Mana, yet another social game. Material Trader is set for release sometime later this year for iOS and Android.


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