SSSS.Gridman is Getting 2 Spinoff Mangas

Kadokawa has announced they’re adapting the SSSS.Gridman TV anime into a manga.

The manga will come in two parts – Hime to Samurai and Shinseiki Chūgakusei Nikki. They’re premiering in Kodakawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine on Oct 26th, 2019.

The first centers around a story about a samurai named Caliber and a girl named Hime Kuzuki, who is entrusted with caring after his legendary sword. The manga will have some color pages and will be featured prominently on the front cover of the magazine. From the looks of the artwork, it may be a comedy of sorts with some serious elements.

The second will be a slice of life story that follows the 4 students in the Neon Genesis Junior High class that was present in the anime. It’ll show the kids living their everyday lives, playing with animals, eating dinner together, and shopping/running errands.

The original 12 episode mecha anime adaptation SSSS.Gridman premiered Oct 2018 and is definitely worth a watch just for the cute girls alone.



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