Square Enix new trademarks include Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

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Square Enix has filed new trademarks ahead of the Final Fantasy VII 25th year anniversary event in June.

When the Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary livestream comes by in June 2022, pretty much everyone expect there to be news and big announcements from Square Enix relating to the franchise. It seems with recent trademarks made by the company, this is going to appear to be the case.

The trademarks (via Renka_Schedule) were filed in Japan back on May 12, but were now released today on May 20.

These trademarks are for “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade”, “Labyrinth Striker”, and “Final Bar Line”. It should be noted that “Labyrinth Striker” is trademarked with Japanese instead of English text like the other two phrases. Loosely translated, the original phrase “ラビリンストライカー” translates into the wording used in this article.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade refers to the enhanced version that released for PS5 and PC as the original remake came out on PS4.

This trademark could point towards either a port coming to Xbox as the exclusivity deal with Sony has passed. Alternatively, it could be in preparation for a Steam release, as the PC port is currently exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

The other two phrases aren’t as clear when it comes to how they relate to Final Fantasy VII. It’s entirely possible one of them may be referring to the expected part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, something that Square Enix hopes to share news of this year.

The other names could be for a spinoff game, as the trademarks are related towards software and video gaming per the listings. When the livestream comes along, we should have our answers to what these trademarks are for.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available for PS5 and PC (via Epic Game Store)



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