Splatoon 3 expansion pass brings you back to Inkopolis with a side order of backstory

Splatoon 3 Inkopolis

Nintendo has announced a new wave of Expansion Pass DLC for Splatoon 3 which will let players enjoy the original lobby of the first game.

Players can return to Inkopolis and hang out with the Squid Sisters, which is perfect for fans of the original game who prefer these idol sisters to the new crew.

This paid DLC doesn’t seem to offer much more than a cosmetic change of pace from the punkish aesthetic of Splatoon 3. Depending on the price, that might be enough.

Things get interesting with the 2nd “Sider Order” DLC. We’re only shown a brief teaser of an octoling in a world devoid of color, through the trailer we see brief flashbacks of Pearl from Splatoon 2.

Many fans have taken this as a sign that we’re getting a back story for Marina, the fan favorite Octoling cohost of the second game and one of the first NPC Octolings that isn’t trying to splat you.

Details are sparse, but we’ll see more once the new “Side Order” releases later this year.



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