Soon, You Can Play Smash Bros Melee on a Tablet (or While on the Toilet)

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September and October are to technology what November and December are to gaming. There are a ton of new devices being released, but one of the most hyped releases is the Nexus 8.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, this device has a rather interesting specification sheet. What is the most important, at least for gaming, is the Nvidia Tegra K1 64 bit Denver chip on the device. This chip, to put it simply, is the holy grail of Gamecube emulation on mobile devices.

While Dolphin, the best Gamecube emulator, is available on Android – no phone or tablet has been able to emulate Smash Bros Melee at playable speeds. Sadly, getting full speed emulation wasn’t thought possible.

That is, until the release of the K1 Jetson developer kit. Smash Bros Melee reached 30-40 fps, which is playable, but still laggy. Nvidia put a variant of a desktop GPU in their mobile chip and provided amazing drivers for developers. This resulted in a faster chip than their main competitor, QUALCOMM.

(Maybe you will even be able to do this combo on the go, maybe)

Now Nvidia has made a new chip which, Dolphin Developers claim, might provide 100% more speeds in emulation. This chip, called Denver, is based off of 64 bit architecture and has more power per core albeit only having 2 cores compared to Jetson’s 4.

The Nexus 9 is all but confirmed to include this chip. What this means is that it may be possible for games like Smash bros Melee or Mario Kart, which have many things going on at one time, to be played at full 60 fps or close.

Most computers can barely handle Gamecube emulation and somehow a tablet might be able to handle Gamecube games with ease. Of course this also opens new possibilities for more PC to Android game ports as well as console to android ports but playing Smash Bros Melee while on the toilet is an amazing prospect. And no, stuffing a Gamecube and a small screen into a portable is not toilet friendly.

This is the video of the progress on a K1 Jetson developer Kit:

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