Sony’s new studio is working with Naughty Dog on “beloved franchise”

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Sony appears to have created a new internal development team, located in San Diego. This team is being built to work in partnership with PSS Visual Arts, who are also based in San Diego and have worked on the recent The Last of Us Part 1 Remake.

This news come via a new job listing from Sony looking to hire people for the new team. The listing doesn’t give many details, and this listing is specifically for an intern, but does mention that it is indeed a new team for the company.

The biggest detail relating to this is what they are reportedly working on currently. The new title is co-developed with Naughty Dog and is base on a “beloved franchise.”This naturally has people wondering what it could possibly be?

Given the connection to Naughty Dog, one might look towards their portfolio of popular IPs to get a potential answer. While still recent, it could be a sequel for The Last of Us franchise, since this studio would have connections with PSS Visual Arts, who aided in creating the recent remake.

There is also the Uncharted franchise, which recently saw the PC ports of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, though it would make more sense to port the original trilogy to PC first before a new project, which this is reportedly.

Finally, there’s also the Jak series from years ago, from Naughty Dog. It’s been over a decade since the newest title for this franchise, and it was considered one of Sony’s biggest hits during their PS2 era.

In terms of relation to Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot cannot be considered as it is owned by Activision and funnily enough is revealing a new title soon.

Though these suggestions are all based on Naughty Dog and their titles, it shouldn’t be discounted that Sony wants these companies to bring back one of their other franchises that have remained dormant. After all, PlayStation has been around for nearly 30 years now and has amassed a huge library of games which many fans remember upon fondly.



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