UPDATE: PlayStation 5 Won’t be Sold at Retail on Launch to Prevent COVID-19 Spread; Online Stores and Pre-Orders Still Withstanding

PlayStation 5

UPDATE: We originally published this article stating physical PlayStation 5 games would not be sold in stores. We have now corrected this article. The older version of this article can be found archived here.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced the PlayStation 5 will not be in stores at launch, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The PlayStation 5 will launch November 12th in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. For the rest of the world, it will launch November 19th. The PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99 USD, while the Digital Edition will cost $399.99 USD.

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Jim Ryan had previously stated that due to high demand, not everyone may be able to get a PlayStation 5 on launch day. Now, the same will almost definitely be true.

Sid Shauman (Senior Director, SIE Content Communications) announced on the PlayStation Blog that to protect consumers, retailers, and staff from COVID-19; no PlayStation 5 units will be directly sold in stores. However, pre-orders can still be collected via retailer’s safety protocols.

The announcement made no mention of when the console would enter general retail. There also seems to be no mention on sales of the physical copies of video games being halted.

You can find the full statement below.

Hi all – the launch of the PlayStation 5 console on November 12 (or November 19, depending on your region) is almost upon us! In the interest of keeping our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19, today we are confirming that all day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners.

No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.

Gamers who have pre-ordered for pick-up at their local retailer should still be able to do so at their designated appointment time, under the retailer’s safety protocols. Please confirm the details with your local retailer.

A special thank you to our entire community for your continued support this year. Here’s to the next generation of gaming!



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