Shin Megami Tensei V Characters, Essences, and Miracles Detailed

Shin Megami Tensei V

Atlus have revealed more about upcoming JRPG Shin Megami Tensei V, including characters and new stat and skill building mechanics.

As previously reported, the plot centers around a Japanese teenager entering another world where God is dead; and a new being promises the world can be reborn from the old. The main character fuses with a mysterious man to become Nahobino, something that is considered forbidden, and begins their rampage across this new world.


The prior “SMT5 News Report” discussed the game’s characters, and new battle mechanics such as the Magatsuhi Skills. Volume 2 (featuring English subtitles via closed captions) features details more new characters (introduced in the prior gameplay trailer), and new ways to build characters’ stats and skills.

Shohei Yakumo is a man claiming to be a demon hunter, and will show up several times on the players journey to stop them. His true motives are not clear, as this “demon hunter” works alongside the demon Nuwa. She is the mother goddess of Chinese mythology (creator of humanity alongside husband and brother Fuxi). Nuwa had been working with Yakumo since a young age to fulfill some goal.

Abdiel is the dark skinned woman in golden armor seen in the prior gameplay trailer. She is an Archangel, and Bethel’s Deputy Angel Commander (a group dedicated to fending off the demons from attacking Tokyo). She has a stern attitude, and uses overwhelming force to eradicate all who would threaten Bethel or the will of God.


As players explore Da’at, they will find Essences; “spiritual entities embedded with the power of demons.” These have the skills and affinities of a specific demon, and can be fused to the protagonist and demons to customize their skills and affinities. The player is able to pick different skills from different Essences. However, gaining an Essence’s affinity brings all its  resistances and weaknesses.

Players can also find Glory under certain conditions; which can be spent to learn Miracles. These are seemingly passive skills that grant bonuses.

The Miracles seen include increasing a random stat when you summon an allied demon, giving a chance for demon negotiation to turn out OK even if you picked a bad option, and fused demons gaining EXP based on the stats of the demons used. These miracles can also enhance the protagonist.

The Q&A segment reveals that players can turn off battle animations in the options menu, or have them skipped when the player holds the A button. There is also Auto-Play that repeats normal attacks.

You can find SMT5 News Report Vol.2 below, along with the individual character and stat/skill building trailers.

The next “program” will premiere in late September, providing more news about the game.

Shin Megami Tensei V launches November 11th in Japan, and November 12th in the west on Nintendo Switch.



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