Sherman Commander Announced For PC, Launches Q4 2021

Sherman Commander

PlayWay have announced Sherman Commander, an upcoming WWII tank sim by Iron Wolf Studio.

Sherman Commander places you in the command seat onboard a Sherman tank during the fiercest fighting of WWII. Coordinate with the crew of your tank to maneuver into position, take out priority targets, support other tanks and infantry, and duel with the strongest German vehicles of the war.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Sherman Commander brings a whole new perspective on realism in tactical tank warfare simulation. Presenting the tank as a slow, lumbering war machine that requires the effort of the entire crew to operate. Command your own vehicle together with a whole platoon of Sherman tanks over the most famous theatres of WW2. Take the commander’s seat and give specific orders to your crew and remaining tanks, or open the tactical map to coordinate your actions with accompanying units.

Engage in heavy fighting in the infantry support role and conduct sneaky, maneuver-oriented duels with more heavily armored and harder-hitting enemy vehicles. Being the underdog in those match-ups will require a thoughtful approach, as each mistake may and will have dire consequences. Sherman Commander will feature various battlefields and combat situations across many theatres, and will pit you against a dynamic AI that will attempt to outmaneuver you and put you on the defensive. From the sands of Africa to the cobblestones of German cities, your commanding skills will be forged and tested in the heat of battle.

Sherman Commander launches Q4 2021 for Windows PC via Steam.

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